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article imageOp-Ed: How the free market is winning

By Alex Allen     Apr 6, 2013 in Politics
In many ways, the unstoppable power of free market capitalism is winning, even if it is being regulated out of existence.
We're all familiar with Defense Distributed, the company that has been making national headlines for its 3-D printed guns, a breakthrough technology that many opponents of gun control claim could provide quicker and easier access to firearms and accessories, foiling the attempts to tighten regulations on gun ownership.
Although they are perhaps the most popular, however, printed guns are not the only innovations in the private sector that are proving the power of the free market. The market has, on all fronts, proven that it can counter almost any attempt by the state to regulate individuals and the private sector.
Another gun-related innnovation in the free market was the recent decision by a Texas gun shop to start making its own ammunition in order to beat the shortage that has been caused by increased paranoia following heightened talk of gun regulations at the federal and state levels across the nation. After seeing a national shortage in ammunition, specifically .22 caliber long rifle, Paul Carter decided to start making his own ammunition at East Texas Ammo in Mineola, Texas.
On another front entirely, it was announced last month that Adam Harvey had designed an "anti-drone hoodie." The hoodie, which "stops at the nipples" is made from silver, which is reflective to the thermal imaging systems used by government spy drones, which have gained plenty of criticism from Libertarians and free market advocates.
Another way in which free market innovation is proving its power is through the media. Many have complained about the lack of coverage of third parties and "serious issues" as well as the corporate ownership of the "mainstream media." Consequently, entrepreneurs and innovators across the nation have developed alternative news outlets. Digital, Alex Jones' Infowars and Prison Planet TV, Adam Kokesh's Adam vs the Man, The Young Turks and We Are Change are just a few examples of this alternative (usually internet based) journalism and media. - (for more on the development of alternative media, read Alex Allen's recent article "Will TV Become Obsolete?")
The free market has proven its power on these fronts as well as many others. Individuals with dreams and goals have shown that they have the ability to counter almost any government regulation. Where will this lead next? Who knows? Perhaps more government regulation, which is often considered the enemy of the free market, will challenge individuals to work hard on innovative new ideas to prove to everyone that government just needs to back off.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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