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article imageOp-Ed: Laughing championship — It actually exists

By Jonathan Lam     Apr 6, 2013 in Entertainment
San Diego - Laughing is a good natural body remedy. Now it has turned into a serious competition. Inspired by watching UFC fights, Albert Nerenberg has organized a laughing competition that is to be held at the Westin Hotel in San Diego on April 6.
Albert Nerenberg, a Canadian filmmaker, is the contest's organizer for the Laughing American Championship. This championship is scheduled to take place in San Diego's Westin Gaslamp Hotel on April 6 at 6 p.m. The entrance fee will be $20.
The best of the best laughters will be pitted against one another to fight for the bragging rights and the championship trophy.
The categories of the competition are as followed:
The Belly Laugh
The Alabama Knee Slapper
The Maniacal Laugh
The Diabolical Laugh
I just can't wait to see how the contestants in the diabolical laugh category will be performed. I imagine a person with crazy static shock hair that grows out of control going onto their knees and as they stare at the ceiling they rip out a crazy scientist laugh. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
In the video Nerenberg is asked the question, does a force laugh create the same effect as a natural laugh? In other words a natural laugh functions as a natural anti depressant for the body. Does a force laugh do the same thing? Nerenberg explains that indeed it does. A forced laugh is an authentic laugh which at first it starts of as an aggressive forced laugh, but after a few seconds it becomes a natural laugh.
I tried forcing myself to laugh a diabolical laughter. I am not positive that my laugh becomes a natural laugh, but I am sure about one thing. Everybody gives me a funny look when I do it and probably thinks I'm losing it.
In the end, the competition is not based on how well a person laughs, but on how contagious it is. Therefore the result of a winner is solely depended on the reaction of the audience.
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