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article imageNaked Aussie rides on log in crocodile-infested river for bet

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 5, 2013 in Odd News
An unnamed Australian fisherman risked his life for a bet. He rode in the nude on a log down the crocodile infested Daly River on Sunday and won two cases of Jack Daniel's whiskey.
The fisherman jumped on a log floating down the river from a boat, rode on it for three minutes before clambering back on the boat.
Northern Territory News (NT News) reports he said: "I'd enjoyed a few beers and it seemed a good idea at the time. We weren't catching any fish - because the river was flowing too fast - so I thought, 'Why not?' But when I woke up the next morning, it didn't seem so clever."
A witness Billy Innes, said his friend thought nothing of the risk he took. He could have drowned in the brisk current or been eaten by a crocodile.
"It was hilarious," he said.
But the fisherman may have relied on knowledge of crocodile habits. A reader comments on NT News: "I think all the smart crocs would be away into calmer waters when floods are on, as stated the river was running very brisk, but at the same time I would not try such a foolish stunt in flood waters."
The man asked not to be named.
Man rides on log on croc-infested Daly River
Man rides on log on croc-infested Daly River
NT News
His friend Innes said: "Huge trees were hammering down the river. It was quite a sight. Someone dared him to get on to one of the logs and row across the river. We went out in a boat and he jumped overboard on to a tree. He managed to stay on for quite a while before getting back into the boat. He got two cases of Jack Daniels for it - and thought that made it all worthwhile."
The Daly River is one of the major "croc rivers" in the Australian Northern Territory. NT News recalls the death of Keith Parry, 20, who was killed by crocodiles in April 2009 while trying to cross the river to win a bet for more beer.
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