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article imageWatch Camp Pendleton Marine sergeant's road rage

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 4, 2013 in Health
A US Marine sergeant from Camp Pendleton in San Diego County was caught on camera Monday shouting obscenities and threats during a road rage incident provoked by a minor traffic incident.
The Marine sergeant's violent outburst was caught on camera by the passenger of the truck whose driver came under attack
The three-minute-video video (Warning: Graphic language) shows the Marine screaming profanities at the driver who reportedly rear-ended his vehicle. The passenger, a wounded female Marine paralyzed from the waist down, captured the bizarre display. The driver, according to 10News, is the wounded Marine's brother and caregiver.
10News reports that the sergeant, whose identity was not revealed, is a Purple Heart recipient.
Both victims of the Marine's violent outburst said they were traumatized by the incident.
The video records the Marine shouting: "Get the f**k out of your truck! “Get the f**k out so I can beat your a*s!"
Note how calm and composed the driver remained during the Marine's outburst.
A friend of the victims who sent the link to the video to 10News said it was not the wounded Marine who posted the video online. The friend who identified herself as Lisa, said: "To go into such a fit – unprovoked – it's pretty scary."
Lisa said: "He cut them off and apparently he kept brake-checking them. He would slam on his brakes abruptly. They hit into the back of him on the third time."
The Marine was detained and cited for communication threat after the military authorities learned of the incident. According to 10News, its reporter contacted the Public Affairs Office at Camp Pendleton where officials confirmed that the Marine was detained after the incident.
The office said in a statement: "This individual's behavior does not meet the standards that are expected of our Marines and it has received the attention of senior base staff."
Lisa said: "I really hope that his command can watch that and someone can get him the help that he needs. Anyone who acts like that unprovoked is a danger to the public."
Friends of the Marine who have been defending him online say that he may be suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
A psychologist Dr. Michael Mantell told 10News that he may be suffering what is called "intermittent explosive disorder." According to Mantell: "(It’s) where you have these explosive, unpremeditated outbursts of anger. These are people who throw things, they break things, they inflict harm on others" during outbursts of violent rage
But Mantell said: "PTSD is never a defense or an excuse. It may be an explanation."
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