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Op-Ed: You are Uninsured — Thanks to Obamacare, Americans Will Die

By Ruth Hull     Apr 4, 2013 in Health
You thought Obamacare meant you could get treated by doctors? Boy, they really had you fooled - unless you are one of the lucky ones who can get insurance before death.
In 2010, Barack Obama convinced Congress to enact a very over-priced gift to the insurance corporations called “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” Obama promised coverage for pre-existing conditions. What he should have said is that his plan would provide coverage for some Americans and the rest would die as the insurance companies get richer than ever before.
So you need insurance for your pre-existing condition in order to live? Sorry. Too late. If you did not apply by March 2, 2013, for coverage under the pre-existing insurance program sponsored by the government, you are S.O.L. Buy a good burial plot. Include, in your will, some rotten tomatoes to be delivered personally to the President in your memory. The good news is if you live until 2014, you might be able to get insurance – might be able to get insurance. Whose decision was it to terminate your chance to get medical treatment for your life-threatening condition? The decision was that of Barack Obama who chose not to ask for enough money to cover PCIP for those who applied after March 2, 2013.
Among those worst hit are domestic violence victims, whose husbands terminate their health insurance while they are in serious or critical condition. It’s not supposed to be legal for the men to do this, but it happens every day in California and judges always seem to find excuses to let the men violate the law. Sometimes they just continue any decision on the matter indefinitely until the wife dies. A dead wife won’t take up any court time asking for her insurance back. What do you think is the intent of a husband who terminates his wife’s health insurance while she is in the cardiac intensive care unit? For my situation, to find the intent, listen to this recording of
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
U.S. Federal Government
my very rich, high-salaried husband’s reaction to my requesting a $20 co-pay to see a doctor, prior to my obtaining a permanent restraining order against him and prior to the termination of my health insurance while I was in the cardiac intensive care unit. It was recorded and authenticated by our daughter and put up on youtube by a concerned person. The trouble is that my situation seems to be the rule and not the exception. One of the Northern California mayors (prior to her becoming mayor) wound up with cancer during a divorce and the judge in her divorce allowed her husband to cancel her health insurance, leaving her life-threatening condition uninsured and uninsurable. Cancellation of the wife’s health insurance during critical treatment , though a violation of the law, is the California norm as many California family law judges now do what they call, “shooting from the hip,” instead of wasting time following enacted statutes.
There are other Americans who are finding themselves uninsured and uninsurable. Many people are too poor to get health insurance. It is expected that 30 million Americans will wind up uninsured under Obamacare.
File photo: A weaponised drone.
File photo: A weaponised drone.
U.S. Air Force photo by Paul Ridgeway
If Barack Obama really cared about insuring Americans, he would make certain that people with serious life-threatening conditions were covered now – instead of reserving health care funds for his wars and on those drones flying over American skies.
Of course, the real beneficiaries of Obamacare are insurance companies. There was a workable solution proposed for health care. It was the Conyers-Kucinich Universal, Single-Payer, Not-for-Profit Health Care bill. Instead of running out of funds, America would have had a surplus and the health insurance companies would have been shown the door. But Obama seems to prefer Wall Street to Main Street, executives to housewives and the rich to the middle class. The movie Sicko showed how single-payer, a good solution that is very effectively implemented elsewhere, is the only workable solution for saving Americans their money as well as their lives and health. The result would be increased longevity, higher quality of care and a huge budget surplus. Take the time to watch the movie and then demand your legislator replace the already failing Obamacare insurance give-away with something that actually helps provides health care.
Will Arnold be back?
Will Arnold be back?
Under Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Democrats in the California legislature passed single-payer three times, knowing Schwarzenegger would veto it. Jerry Brown promised to sign it into law prior to being elected governor. So when passing it would no longer be a useless act (if Jerry is true to his word, instead of hot air), the California legislature (a super-majority of Democrats) has failed to pass it even one more time. This is the same Democratic Party that claimed war was bad under Bush but necessary under Barack Obama. Hypocrisy?
On April 11, the California Democratic Convention will begin in Sacramento. Will it be another rah rah meeting (like 2012) supporting the policies of death and destruction or will the delegates have the guts to stand up and demand that the DEMOCRATIC President finally perform the job he was elected to do?
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