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article imageViral photo: Naked woman chases naked man with sex doll in China

By Marcus Hondro     Apr 4, 2013 in Odd News
As far as photos going viral these ones could be said to show just the bare facts. Somehow photos of a naked man running in Beijing while carrying a naked female mannequin and being chased by a real naked woman - whew! - has hit the internet in China.
The buff couple have not been identified and the photographer's connection to them hasn't, either. But the South China Morning Post's Amy Li writes that "the photos, which were apparently taken in Beijing, drew heated discussion and speculation online."
Naked couple running in China
Some Chinese viewers think the photos are a hoax, others, Li said, feel they might be connected to an American game popular in China called 'Temple Run', which she describes as "a popular game where a player takes on the role of an explorer attempting to steal an idol from a temple and outrun monsters chasing from behind." Monsters?
Chinese viewers who feel the photos could be connected to 'Temple Run' may be off the mark, then, because to most men, in any country, a naked woman is never a monster.
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