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article imageNorth Korea ratifies nuclear strike against the U.S.

By Ryan Donnelly     Apr 3, 2013 in Politics
In the latest round of threats coming out of North Korea, it has been reported that North Korean officials have confirmed that they have ratified plans to launch military strikes against the US, including nuclear attacks.
This ratification comes on the heels of news last week that the leadership of North Korea has officially declared war on the United States.
In response to the latest actions of the North Korean government, Reuters reports that the United States has begun to deploy missile defense systems in Guam. Guam and Hawaii, which are territories of the United States, have been specifically mentioned as targets of the North Korean regime. Though the likelihood of North Korean missiles being able to hit Guam and Hawaii are quite low, AFP points out that U.S. military bases in Japan and South Korea are within range of North Korean weaponry and face a very real risk of an attack.
The U.S., however, is not the only nation that is setting up precautionary military measures should the North Koreans follow through on their actions. The Washington Times reports that Chinese troops have been seen amassing along the North Korean border. Though the purpose of these troop deployments is unclear at the moment, more than likely it seems as though China is posturing to deal with a massive refugee influx that would follow an outbreak of war.
North Korea's ratification of attack plans against the United States follows continued military drills involving the U.S. military and South Korean forces in the Korean Peninsula. As the New York Times reports, these drills included extended use of the B-2 bomber; an extremely high-tech aircraft whose technology is only known and available to the United States Armed Forces. Such drills highlight the importance of South Korea to the U.S. economy as well as the overall economy of the world. As one reporter from US News points out It's the home of prominent global corporations such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG. As the sixth largest trading partner of the United States, South Korea plays a key role in the global supply chain for many important products. Equally as important, if not more so, to the United States is North Korea's other enemy in the region, Japan. Currently Japan is the United States' fourth largest trading partner and is also a major part of the global supply chain that moves products to the United States.
The latest actions of the North Korean government increase the tension that is already reaching historic highs in the Korean Peninsula. With this latest development from the DPRK, the Chinese military is now actively tied into the conflict and the US shows no sign of slowing military drills or removing its defenses from the region.
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