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article imageReview: ‘The Derby Fire — Secrets and Lies’ Special

By Alexander Baron     Apr 2, 2013 in Crime
Derby - In May last year, six siblings were killed by a fire at their Derby home. Yesterday, their parents were convicted of their manslaughter.
The lifestyle of Mick Philpott was unusual, to put it mildly. The father of 18 - that is EIGHTEEN (though some count only seventeen) - lived with his wife and mistress in a council house at Allenton, Derby. This led to him making an occasional appearance on TV, purely as a novelty item. However, this ménage à trois was not as blissful as it may have appeared. On February 11 last year, Philpott's mistress Lisa Willis walked out taking her five offspring with her; four of them were sired by him. This was the catalyst for the most ludicrous, scatterbrained, lunatic false flag operation ever conceived. Philpott, his wife Mairead, and a family friend who shared their single digit IQ, decided to torch his house in order to frame Lisa Willis and portray Philpott along with his co-conspirator as a hero. As we all know now, this bizarre plan went tragically wrong. People who play with fire often get their fingers burned, this time though it was six young innocents who paid with their lives: five who died in the fire; one who died in hospital afterwards.
This special hour long Panorama documentary looks at the person Mick Philpott really is, not an amiable philanderer, but a man who routinely refers to women as bitches, and has an ego bigger than the house he torched. It remains to be seen why any woman would want to share his bed, much less bear him not a child but a football team. Sadly though this is far from an original story, from Rihanna who can't keep her hands off the thug who rearranged her face to Carole Ann Boone who married serial killer Ted Bundy when the whole world knew what he was.
The alarm was raised at 3.46am on May 11 last year; we hear that call from Mareid Philpott. It took only 6 minutes for the fire brigade to arrive.The funeral was held June 22, but by that time Philpott and his wife had already been charged with six counts of murder. It is clear that the police were onto the scam from early on if not almost from the beginning; the only thing that may have confused them was the motive. Check out this video from the post-fire press conference and see if you agree with Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cotterill that this is a performance.
Philpott's behaviour from shortly after the fire was also bizarre, but it is easy to read something into such behaviour that isn't really there. People react to trauma in different ways, and sometimes the same people will react in different ways at different times. Nevertheless, they were listening in on the couple's conversations from almost the beginning, and Philpott knew they were, yet again his reaction was bizarre. The audio surveillance continued even in the prison van.
Eventually the police realised the intention was only to torch the house, rescue the children and blame the fire on Philpott's estranged mistress. It appears to have been Paul Mosley who let the cat out of the bag. The murder charges were thus reduced to manslaughter, and all three: Philpott, his zombie-like wife, and Mosley, appeared in the dock. They were all convicted.
Now, the full truth about Philpott has come out, a truth that was never unearthed in his appearances on tabloid TV. In June 1978, his teenage girlfriend broke off their relationship, and instead of simply walking away, he broke into her house and attacked her, stabbing her repeatedly, and when the girl's mother appeared, he stabbed her too.
Philpott was lucky not to be facing a murder charge, but both victims survived, and he was given a seven year prison sentence, which was somewhat lenient under the circumstances.
There is a lot more in this programme, which had obviously been in preparation for months. Be warned though that some of it is nearly as stomach churning as what the Philpotts planned; let's give the lady a bit of credit, no woman is so brainwashed or enraptured by any man that she will wilfully risk the life of one of her offspring, much less six.
The couple along with Mosley are back in court later today, Wednesday, when they can expect heavy sentences. In view of his antecedents, he is surely looking at a life sentence. As for the other two, it is doubtful if anything less than 18 years will be appealable, and most parents will not be satisfied unless they too are locked up and the key thrown away.
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