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article imageOp-Ed: Bag thief knocks himself out while trying to escape

By Jonathan Lam     Apr 1, 2013 in Crime
A thief attempts to run out of a mall with a woman's purse. He knocks himself out by running through a glass door, but still manages to escape the scene.
Perth, Australia. A woman gets her purse stolen in a mall. The thief flees the scene by running at full speed towards the nearest exit.
Either the glass was wiped super clean with Windex making it look like an opening or the thief intentionally wanted to run through the glass, his plan was an invitation for disaster.
As seen in the video the thief runs to the wrong side of the sliding door, a few seconds later after he rams down the glass the door opens for him. There was clearly a plant placed right in front of the glass door that did not move. The plant acts as an indicator that says "Hey use the other door because this is just a glass wall."
While running the thief was probably thinking "This escape is so perfect!" only to find himself being dragged on the floor by his accomplice.
I love how the shoppers in the mall try to see if the thief was fine. Wouldn't the woman who had her purse stolen yell out to the other shoppers that there was a thief?
After the thief stumbles back to his feet with the help of his accomplice they flee the scene on board a stolen car. The shoppers just stand there and watch.
It seemed like they were still recollecting themselves from what they had just witnessed. It's not like everyday you see a man run through a glass door and knocks himself out.
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