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Op-Ed: Crime will NOT decrease because of gun-free zones!

By Duane Buell     Mar 31, 2013 in Politics
New York police are searching for kidnappers as a couple were forced into a vehicle at gunpoint according to witnesses! New York is one of the toughest cities for a law abiding citizen to get a concealed carry permit in, but criminals don't seem to mind!
All this talk on gun control and how it will reduce crime has once again been proved misleading and to some another lie with another incident that happened in Manhattan in broad daylight. According to witnesses, several people called the 33rd precinct police department after they saw two unidentified men force a screaming woman into a vehicle at gunpoint along with her male companion while the two unidentified males flee the scene as well as a black minivan with darkened windows.
The victims were last seen outside a building known to house Columbia University Dental Students. According to the New York Post two girls, ages 9 and 15 quickly dialed 911 after watching helplessly while the victims were abducted. Police say the abducted couple is still missing. It isn't clear at this time whether the kidnapped couple were University Dental Students.
The brazen kidnapping in broad daylight had witnesses and sources describing one of the kidnappers in a dark ski mask that covered everything except for his eyes. The abducted couple were seen acting nervous and looking behind them moments before the kidnapping.
How can this happen in a Gun Free Zone?? Aren't guns supposed to be unavailable in gun free zones or did someone just forget to tell the criminals?
One thing is for sure, the media will continue to make saints out of mass shooters while ignoring or downplaying the overwhelming number of times that armed citizens have prevented a crime! And that is if the media will even cover those stories at all. How bold do you have to be to attempt what appears to be a successful kidnapping in the daylight with surveillance cameras in the vicinity capturing you on video?
It would appear you only have to be brazen enough to take advantage of citizens being unarmed while brandishing a gun as a criminal. Thank you Mayor Michael Bloomberg for protecting us from guns and sodas bigger than 16 ounces. You're doing one heckuva job.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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