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article imageCardboard cutout policemen patrol the streets of Bangalore

By Jonathan Lam     Mar 30, 2013 in Technology
As you cruise down the street you spot a policeman crossing his arms in a pair of shades. You slowly drive by the policeman only to realize that it is a piece of cardboard. Yes policeman cardboard cutouts are effective!
Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is home to 8 million people and only has 3,000 traffic cops.The streets are packed with people who ride motorcycles and cars all fighting and rushing to get to their destination on time.
"Drivers in Indian cities violate traffic rules when there are no cops around -- they jump traffic lights and go the wrong way on one-way streets," Bangalore’s police traffic commissioner, M.A. Saleem, told Agence France Presse.
In the last year, more than 60,000 traffic accidents have been reported. That means 7 accidents occur in a one hour time frame.
Being one of India's most sophisticated technology industry, Bangalore has turned to a simple method to control the traffic. Cardboard cutouts of policemen are placed in high traffic areas to fool drivers which causes them to slow down. Three cardboard cutouts have been placed in the highly traffic intersections in Bangalore already, but one has been stolen.
I just wonder how the drivers of Bangalore react when they slow down and realize that the cop is a cardboard cutout.
This seems like a great idea since the cardboard cutout cops don't require a hourly pay and can work 24/7. So what happens if it rains? Even if they spray it with some anti-water spray wouldn't it look a little obvious having a cop stand in the middle of the rain without a raincoat? Maybe they will make some cardboard cutout cops wearing raincoats just to specifically handle this rainy days.
Bangalore will have an additional ten more cardboard cut outs placed in high traffic intersections in the near future.
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