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article imageGiant storm spans North Atlantic Ocean coast to coast

By JohnThomas Didymus     Mar 30, 2013 in Environment
Meteorologists say that a massive storm is blowing over the Atlantic, across the entire basin from Canada to Europe and from Greenland to the Caribbean.
According to the Capital Weather Gang's chief meteorologist, Jason Samenow, writing in the The Washington Post, the storm stretches from west to east, from Newfoundland to Portugal. Its southern tip (cold front) touches the Caribbean and its northern touches southern Greenland.
The storm is shaped like a comma with its tail in the Caribbean.
The storm is comparable to a category 3 hurricane. According to the Ocean Prediction Center, its central pressure is 953 mb, and peak wave heights are estimated around 25-30 feet.
Live Science reports that the storm is the same system that brought spring blizzard over much of the US and Canada earlier in the week.
Robert Oszajca of the National Weather Service's Ocean Prediction Center said the storm grew to span the entire Atlantic Ocean through merging of several low-pressure systems. The storm was accentuated by a gradient between warm moisture from the southeast and cold air from the north.
Massive storm spans the Atlantic
Massive storm spans the Atlantic
Oszajca explained that a high pressure system over Greenland stopped the low pressure system from drifting into Europe, causing it to gather more strength and creating winds up to 75 mph equivalent to a category 1 hurricane.
Massive storm over the Atlantic
Massive storm over the Atlantic
Ocean Prediction Center
Oszajca said: "We're impressed with the size of this storm." According to Live Science, big storms occur one or twice every winter over the Atlantic but this is exceptionally large. The Washington Post's Jason Samenow, said: "I am not sure I have ever seen a storm this large."
Meteorologists say it has been weakening in the past 24 hours as the high-pressure system blocking its advance to Europe eases. Oszajca said the central low-pressure system powering it will dissipate and the entire storm will fragment before it reaches Portugal.
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