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Man tracks down woman and returns cash found after carpooling

By Leigh Goessl     Mar 30, 2013 in Odd News
Dumfries - A Washington D.C. commuter found over $600 in cash in his car in an unmarked envelope after carpooling with a stranger. He was happy after he'd found the woman who had been carrying the money.
Reginald Day commutes to Washington D.C. each day. He commonly gives strangers, called "slugs", a ride. "Slugging" is a common practice in the region. The "slugs" get a ride and the driver gets to use the HOV lane, speeding up his or her own commute.
Last week Day had picked up his wife and another woman in downtown Washington. He dropped the stranger off at a Woodbridge, Va. commuter lot and then went home.
When he and his wife were taking their belongings out of the car, he noticed something unusual.
There was an envelope full of cash, $617. Unfortunately, there was no identification whatsoever on the envelope.
"When I got home, and I was getting stuff out of the car we found the envelope with money in it in the back seat," Day, who lives in Dumfries, Va., said, reported Inside Nova.
He drove right back to the commuter lot where he'd left the woman, but she was gone.
Determined to find the passenger he'd picked up, he posted information online, reported Inside Nova. Day and his wife, Angela, also called local TV stations ABC7 and NewsChannel 8, according to WJLA.
Two days later he got a call from the woman who had lost the cash. A friend of hers had seen the information about the lost money.
"I said, 'Oh my God, that's my money.' God is taking care of his children," Gloria Smith, who had hitched a ride that day, said. "I had borrowed it for my mortgage. I was short."
Day reportedly has been "slugging" since 1991. Like many others in the area, his military position brought him to the region. After retiring from the Army, he continues to work for the government and commutes from Virginia to D.C. daily.
"I feel great. I'm glad it was resolved quickly," Day told Inside Nova. "There is no way I can pocket someone else's money. Never entered my mind."
Earlier this week Digital Journal reported a story about a woman who had found $30,000 in a pile of clothes that had been given to her. She also returned the money immediately.
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