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article imageBuilding collapse in Tanzania

By Gar Swaffar     Mar 29, 2013 in World
Dar Es Salaam - A building under construction in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has collapsed with several fatalities and many missing, including workers and children.
It is now confirmed by the BBC, that 17 people have lost their lives in a Tanzanian building collapse yesterday. The survivors numbered 18. The cause of the collapse has not been determined at this time, however there are suggestions that poor building practices may have been employed.
As might not always be the case in a building collapsing while under construction, there does appear to be at least a minimal amount of reinforcing steel that was used in the building.
However, with a presumption that the upper floors would be on top of the pile of rubble, there was a distinct lack of concrete forms showing in any of the several videos currently on YouTube. Removing the forms prior to the concrete attaining full strength (curing) allows the concrete to "slide" on the internal steel reinforcement. It typically requires a minimum of 21 days for concrete to attain sufficient strength to have the wooden or metal forms removed.
Even pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete girders placed on uncured poured in place concrete columns will fail when stressed beyond their design load if the columns fail to adequately support the load.
A full investigation will be ultimately be required to find the root cause of the building failure, in the meantime there are lives lost, and much for some to be thankful for in escaping the building with their lives.
A building under construction in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has collapsed, reports the BBC and CNN. Fatalities are reported to have occurred along with many dozens still missing and unaccounted for.
Reports of between forty-five and sixty people, including children playing near-by and construction workers missing are being reported by authorities in Dar es Salaam.
A "huge whoosh and then thump," is how nearby hotel owner Ali Jawad Bhimani described the noise the building made when it fell.
Phone calls are reportedly being made from under the rubble to relatives by persons still trapped in massive amounts of concrete and steel. It is still unknown at this time how many trapped persons remain alive, there is however, a large crane on-site, removing steel frame members, and presumably, steel reinforcing bars along with concrete.
Four students at a mosque nearby are among those reported as missing, the boys were part of a larger group playing soccer on a field adjoining the building site. Thirteen survivors have been rescued from the site of the collapsed building with two being seriously injured.
Four persons have been confirmed as deceased by Red Cross worker Stella Marealle.
The Tanzania Red Cross society webpage notes the building collapse occurred at around 8:45 a.m. local time. (0545 GMT)
The occurrence could have been far worse except for the day being a holiday, with fewer people in the area than might normally be the case.
The local authorities are questioning workers from the company involved in the construction of the building which was to have reached twelve stories when completed. An additional construction site nearby, being built by the same company has had all work halted while the investigation into the cause of the building failure is being completed.
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