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article imageOp-Ed: CA Dept. of Corporations celebrates Women's History Month Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Mar 28, 2013 in Business
Sacramento - With spring time, March has been a month of celebrations. Among the celebrations is Women's History month. And, to help commemorate this the California Department of Corporations reissued an educational brochure
promoting women's financial health. “Women’s History Month is a chance for all of us to note and celebrate the contributions women have made to the history of the United States and world,” said Jan Lynn Owen, Commissioner of the California Department of Corporations. “The Department is pleased to observe Women’s History Month with the ‘Financial Tips for Women’ brochure.” She and her staff alerted the press this past March 15 noting that Women’s History Month is a national event, declared by the U.S. Congress.
Since the early 1980's, efforts have been made by Congress to recognize Women's history. Since 1995, Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have issued a series of annual proclamations designating the month of March as “Women’s History Month.”
Despite the recent economic recession of 2008, small business has continued and a significant number of small business owners are women. This is something that Barbara Vohryzek, Deputy Director for Small Business and Small Business Advocate of GO-Biz knows very well and applauds. Recently appointed to the deputy position by Governor Jerry Brown this past fall, Vohryzek has been coordinating and speaking at conferences and luncheons across the State of California. She seeks to promote small business and to help local businesses dialog with one another.
Vohryzek told Made Woman magazine she has always been attracted to small business. Being in business she credits to the examples of both her parents. Growing up in a large family in San Francisco, "“I lived with the ups and downs of the business…I knew small businesses – I understood the agony and the ecstasy of that path," she told Made Woman magazine. "It fit very well into my desire to help people, so the passion came naturally,” Vohryzek said.
With encouragement from both her parents, she was very confident in her goals. She told Made Woman magazine..."that there should not be any barriers in any aspect of life simply because you are a woman. I function from this basic belief…aren’t we all human beings, after all?” This confidence and assurance has guided her through all of her endeavors over the years, not only in business matters but also in raising a family.
Since the end of the Second World War, women's roles have continued to change. Since the 1970's the majority of workers in the national workforce are women. There are experts and observers from non-profit organizations like Catalyst that note there is a "glass ceiling" and that leadership positions for women in high level corporate companies has stagnated in recent years.
This might be one of the reasons why women are going into business for themselves. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners during 2013, cites Forbes magazine online, the economy will see more women becoming business owners than ever before - as some recent surveys indicate.
The advantages to being in business for one's self is also attractive. Since more women are the primary bread-winner going into business for one's self allows for more flexible time. Or rather, allows the business owner to make the decisions rather than the corporation or boss making it for her. Usually, women struggle with working and raising a family and having time to attend to themselves. Being one's own boss allows women to make important life decisions. When a person has more freedom of choice that in and of itself is very powerful. And, when that freedom of choice leads to more independence that alone motivates many. This seems to be why small business and self-employment or start up businesses continue and endure. Yet according to a Furman University study, Gender differences are among the most consistent variables in studying self-employment decisions.
While the 2008 recession impacted the economy and people's lives negatively, it also has provided opportunities for business that might not have been recognized before. Recent statistics of loans divvy out in 2011 show that the Small Business Association (SBA) achieved an all-time record of $30 billion in lending support to 60,000 small businesses.
"I am confident there is light at the end of the economic tunnel in California," Vohryzek told the Sacramento Business Journal. She believes that small business (in California) is "lit up" "ready to go" and leading the way. While according to the SBA, the number of small businesses owned by men dropped from over 41,000 to about 14,000 in a year's time from, the number of women owned businesses remained steady at over 7,000 from 2009-2010.
Vohryzek knows that the road to success for any small business or self-employed individual is not going to be easy. And, as she noted to Made Woman magazine that no one knows what is on the path, some of our greatest strengths and gifts emerge out of mistakes and failures.
the advantages of women owning their own business or being self-employed allows them more flexibilit...
the advantages of women owning their own business or being self-employed allows them more flexibility. This is especially so for women raising families and being the primary bread-winner.
The California Dept. of Corporations and the California Commission on the Status of Women recommend some important points of Financial Information for women to know. They are as follows: Educate Yourself, Set Financial Goals, Get out of Debt, Save Money and Keep Saving, Manage Your Own Finances, Plan for Retirement Now, Protect Yourself From Fraud and Safeguard your Personal Information. To learn more and to obtain a copy of the brochure visit the California Dept. of Corporations web page.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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