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Op-Ed: Why gay marriage is worth the fight to get it right!

By Duane Buell     Mar 27, 2013 in Politics
The United States Supreme Court has finally decided to hear the case about gay marriage. Why does this affect you? Because Marriage is in trouble regardless of which side you are on, pro gay marriage or traditional marriage.
We as Americans can no longer afford to be a divided nation. Our problems are many and one of the biggest is the instability in our society. I myself am a member of the LBGT community, yet I am also a strong Constitutional Conservative who believes in a sound fiscal policy as well as an avid supporter of our Second Amendment rights. I firmly believe that our Second Amendment protects all of our other rights including the right to free speech. Many gay conservatives I've met have founded groups such as Homocon and GOProud. I am a Republican and I believe in Republicanism. I support Homocon and GOProud and we attended the Republican Convention!
I also believe that lbgt education on this issue of just what gay conservatives are and how we fit into the narrative is severely lacking. Americans are watching the Supreme court on this issue like never before, both Liberal and Conservative. People on the Right and on the Left will tell you it is about morality, but that is where most of the agreement ends. Religion and politics often make strange bedfellows and in the issue of gay rights, this has never been more apparent or been the topic of dinner conversation for many households in America.
The Right will tell you it is about morality, or the lack thereof and it's tolerance than is responsible for the slide in America leading us into a decline of our own making. Most of those same conservatives also claim to be for smaller government, but how do you inject government into the private lives of so may people and yet make it smaller? Most of the Right is religious and claim that God would never accept gay marriage. I will not claim to speak for God on either side of this issue, he's God and I'm not. The Right believes that Homosexuality by it's very nature is against nature and therefore an abomination under the eyes of God and gay marriage cannot and must not be accepted by mainstream society in effect creating another level of lesser class citizens. Yet they refuse to accept the responsibility of the creation of those lesser class citizens.
The Left and it's latest claim to fame is that gay marriage is the right thing to do because a society built on morality cannot claim to be moral while seeking to keep a lessor class of citizens in check by executive rule or government agency using religion as a moral yardstick. Yet the Left while offering us a carrot to join them forget or refuse to believe and accept many of us are Christians and lifelong members of the NRA, gun owners and fiscal conservatives who are not willing to pass on a Nation in Debt to the next generation of children because of what we want now. The Left continues to blame Christianity by citing a few Christians who use their religion as an instrument of hate, and yes they exist. Just try reading some of the posts by so called Christian groups on Twitter who are not behaving much like Christians.
News outlets such as FOX are reporting on the Constitutionality of DOMA also known as the Defense of Marriage Act. MSNBC got into the act by reporting on the activities of Homocon before the November elections and how to include Homocon into the Republican Convention.
I was never more proud of the fight that Andrew Breitbart picked up by taking an incredible amount of heat for trying hard and succeeding in getting Gay Conservatives into CPAC! I fail to understand how gay marriage can be such a detriment to society when 56% of marriages between men and women end up in divorce.
Gay marriage will not destroy the tradition of marriage, but it promises instead to strengthen it. Single parent households will become 2 parent with children and will see an incline in stability and income. Single motherhood will become less common. Children who are loved will grow up to be responsible caring adults who contribute to society instead of becoming the menace we often must deal with now. If gay people are finally included in the rights of being an American Citizen, a Right that many fought for in our military, it would only stabilize what is becoming an increasingly fractured society. Monogamy would be more commonplace and that is a good thing.
The Estate tax bill for the surviving partner will be zero when the one partner dies for any reason. This is what happens to married couples when a woman is married to a man and vice versa. The Supreme Court heard the instance he case of Edith Windsor who was hit with an estate tax bill of $363,000.00 when her partner of 44 years died. It is not in dispute that if Edith had been married to a man her estate tax bill would have been nothing. For same sex couples with children, it is the children who pay the price for such shortsightedness.
Before Democrat and Liberals go congratulating themselves for addressing these issues, you have just as much soul searching to do as the Right does. I'm not impressed by Barack Obama suddenly switching gears and supporting gay marriage when he was running short on campaign contributions from the LBGT community. Barney Frank who was a Massachusetts Senator and Senate banking committee chairman played the gay card on Bill Oreilly when he went on the Oreilly Factor when asked about the stability of the derivatives markets because of the rampant push by Barney Frank to shove those loans into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Barney, millions of people, including my grandparents took a bath in their 401's because of you.
Bradley Manning, you don't represent me either because you knew what you were getting into when you signed up for military service! Instead of proving that a young gay man can be an honorable soldier who could change people's minds about gay men and women serving in the military, you decided to give secrets away to Wiki Leaks putting the lives of Americans and our service men and women in danger for your own agenda, so don't claim you did it for me! I hope the Justice Department throws the book at you because you committed an act of treason and you should pay the price! You disgrace the memory of someone like Lt. Col Margareth Cammermeyer who earned the respect of her troops while serving the country honorably. The Army was willing to defend her against a dishonorable discharge of being a lesbian by walking off a military base and abandoning it in front TV cameras. She makes me proud.
Floyd Corker, you're not helping either by attempting to use a bomb to blow up the Family Research Council in Washington DC. You wanted to kill people and you make me ashamed and embarrassed so don't tell us you did it for us either.
Both of you are why we are having such a hard time in the fight for equality just as much as the far right, don't kid yourselves.
Democrats, I will never again be one of you! You have done an incredible chameleon change of convincing the low information voter how you are the Champion of civil rights while you openly created the Ku Klux Klan as a law enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. You pander to those you want votes from and wear them to all fashionable cocktail parties as jewelry including the LBGT community! I have ZERO faith in your "sincere" desire to help anyone else but yourselves. Your willingness to put us in incredible amounts of debt so you can pat yourselves on the back is living proof. Don't tell me George Bush's debt was unpatriotic and then try to convince me you have the moral high ground while you add $7 Trillion and counting to it. Operations like Fast and Furious you created in 2009 killed many brown people known as Mexicans as well as our own border patrol agents and you got Obama to protect you with Executive Privilege effectively burying and justice for those victims. Our Ambassador in Benghazi would never have been murdered if you Democrats who were in charge had been doing your jobs. You created the very problems of poverty and destruction of the family with Liberalism. Now you expect me to believe that more of the same will somehow miraculously work this time when it never has before!
Republicans, before you think you can take me for granted, you need to make a great deal of effort to explain to the public why conservatism works and what the loss of freedom, liberty and opportunity mean to all of us if we continue down the road we're on. Because Gay Marriage is not the biggest issue that could ruin this country, it is our debt and ridiculous liberal policies designed to make those in power gain even more of it by creating more layers of dependence. Senator Rand Paul was right. If the GOP of old doesn't do something to keep from turning old, stale and covered in moss, you are through.
I may have surprised many of you here with this Op-Ed, but just take it as the Opinion of a Christian, lifelong NRA member, gun owning, gun toting, Constitution loving, Second Amendment supporting, fiscal conservative libertarian Republican who loves his country and his Dodge Ram 3/4 ton 4X4 who fell in love with the lady on Ellis Island holding the lamp also known as the Statue of Liberty. She was my first marriage. LBGT community, I hope you view the Statue of Liberty as your first marriage as well or Stonewall will mean nothing. I wanted to make one edit. I am @mrbenz7 and @mrbenz76 on Twitter. I appreciate your comments and feel free to repost this article where ever you choose. It's still a free country, for now.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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