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article imageNHS pays for breast implants, while kid with cancer goes without

By Owen Weldon     Mar 26, 2013 in Odd News
An aspiring model was able to get a state funded breast job because she was emotionally distressed, while the NHS (National Health Service) refused to fund treatment for a child with cancer.
According to ScallyWagAndVagaBond, Josie Cunnigham, from Leeds, UK, became the talk of the town when news broke out that she was able to get breast implants courtesy of the UK's state fund health service. The grounds for receiving the procedure was that she was emotionally distressed.
Cunnigham is also an aspiring model and she said that she was experiencing depression due to her being flat chested. She also said that her new boobs have changed her life, and she wants to be the new Katie Price, a former glamour model. She continued to say that she would not even go on vacation because she did not want to be seen in a bikini. She also said that she could never go outside without a padded bra.
According to The Sun, meanwhile the parents of Lilly Macglashan have had to raise more than a million dollars for pioneering treatment in the United States, because the NHS refused to fund it.
Medical experts in the UK said that Lilly, who is three, could not be saved after she was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the nervous system. However, the girl's parents, John and Dawn, found a clinic located in New York that could help her by providing her with an experimental drug, but the NHS ended up not paying for it.
John said that Cunnigham's case highlights the unfairness within the NHS. He said that it seems wrong that kids like his daughter have to fight, while Cunnigham was able to receive breast implants worth thousands. John also said that they are still trying to get the NHS to help them, but so far the NHS has done nothing. John said that it was, and is, the British public that has helped save his daughter's life, not the NHS.
According to Fox, Cunnigham's surgery cost more than $7,000, and the surgery drew critisicm from many people who say that NHS should be helping people who have serious medical needs.
The NHS has also denied funding for six-year-old who had a food phobia that left him refusing to eat food. His parents, Kevin and Catherine, had to raise more than $30,000 to send him to a specialist located in Austria. The parents said they have been left financially crippled.
Kevin said that it is disgraceful that a woman was able to get a boob job on the NHS, while there are lots of kids who suffer because essential services have been cut.
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