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article imageOp-Ed: One-man play sheds light on student debt crisis Special

By Kyle McCarthy     Mar 26, 2013 in Entertainment
Athens - In the United States, two-thirds of students take out student loans and are graduating with an average of over $26,000 in debt. Students in Ohio, however, graduate with close to $28,000, which is the seventh highest state average.
For more than a year, Aaron Calafato has toured college campuses across the country, discussing the student debt crisis and performing his one-man play titled, For Profit. His play details his stint working as an admissions counselor at a for-profit college- a position he took to pay off his own student loans. Calafato found himself in a position which preyed on the vulnerable and relied heavily on revenue from student loans.
Ohio University is the next stop for Calafato where he will perform his play this Wednesday, March 27th at 7:30pm. Immediately following the performance will be a panel discussion about America’s student debt crisis and possible solutions.
With For Profit, Calafato is able to increase the dialog around the student debt crisis our country now faces. He stresses that this is an issue that affects everyone, no matter what class or political affiliation. Earlier this month, he performed at the College of Wooster, which was sponsored by both campus progressives and conservatives.
Last week, Rep. Karen Bass introduced HR 1330: The Student Loan Fairness Act, which Calafato is very vocal about supporting. “HR 1330 will help countless individuals that are buried in student debt. The bill will put them on a fair repayment program of 10% of their discretionary income for a period of 10 years instead of the exploding interest rates that so many deal with today.” By allowing borrowers to pay 10% of their discretionary income, this will increase the purchasing power of millions and, in turn, stimulate the economy. Since HR 1330 was introduced, more than 80,000 people have signed a petition urging Congress to pass the bill.
For more information on the performance of For Profit this Wednesday at Ohio University or future performances, visit
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