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Riaan Cruywagen is back on television

By Matthew Hendricks     Mar 26, 2013 in Entertainment
South African icon Riaan Cruywagen retired from his post as news anchor after 37 years.
Unexpectedly, he returned to television like a boomerang. Not the same channel though.
It was the farewell of the century in South African television. Riaan Cruywagen, the icon who defined what a newsreader is to South Africans, the guy who was called South Africa's Chuck Norris, finally retired after 47 years in broadcasting, of which 37 was as television news reader for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Sometimes he could also be spotted elsewhere, sometimes in unexpected places, like "in a jacuzzi":
Of course, none of the older generations will forget his role as a news reading rabbit with an annoying voice:
In the run-up to his retirement, there was of course the life-honoring autobiography. Then there was the histeria that his retirement in November 2012 was a confirmation that in December 2012 the world would indeed end. Then, his final broadcast finally came, as he said goodbye with tears in his eyes to the South African public.
Riaan and his wife Riana (no, they're not twins) have scaled down to a much smaller dwelling, as is customary for retiring folks. The move was quite something, as Riaan refuses to throw away anything that has sentimental value, like letters and cards. It goes into his scrapbook, according to him.
Well, scarcely a month after his final retirement, he came out of retirement again. According to him, he soon got bored as he was born with restless genes.
He accepted an offer to work for a show called Dagbreek, on the KykNET channel. He insists though that he did not leave the SABC for this new job. It's a new thing he's taking on after he had already retired from his previous employer.
He is now a presenter on this new morning show. If you don't recognize him, it's because he is not wearing a tie and a suit jacket on this new job.
Riaan Cruywagen will be reading the news, interview guests, and chat casually with whomever.
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