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article imageFacebook saves the day

By Jonathan Lam     Mar 25, 2013 in Health
Facebook. A social network that some of us can't seem to live without. To us, Facebook satisfies our curiosity when we can't help but wonder what our friends and family are up to. But to Eddie Beatrice, Facebook was a matter of life or death.
On October of 2011, Beatrice under went rotator cuff repair surgery in Massachusetts. Rotator cuff is the group of tendons and muscles that joins together to form a cuff. The cuff holds a person's shoulder and arm together. Imagine a the ball and socket joint on your shoulder, that alone is not strong enough to keep the arm and the shoulder together. Thus the rotator cuff comes into play and functions as reinforcement. The rotator cuff not only holds the shoulder muscles together, it also allows the shoulder to rotate and move.
Remember those mornings when you wake up? As you yawn you immediately follow it with the widest arm stretch you can possibly throw out, that movement is possible due to your rotator cuffs.
Well Beatrice's surgery did not go as planned and he ended up with an infection. The infection then lead him to undergo a septic shock and finally to kidney failure.
Beatrice is at the end stage of renal failure. Unable to take his sister's kidneys because it was unsuitable for his body, Beatrice reached out to Facebook for help.
Within an hour Beatrice stumbles across a Facebook page ran by Living Kidney Donor Network. It was there that Beatrice met Kelly Wright. Wright was looking to donate her kidney to the son of an acquaintance but was unable at that time. And you can bet that Beatrice did not have to think twice about taking up that offer.
The next day Wright made a phone call to Massachusetts General Hospital to start the screening process. Both their surgeries are scheduled for April 2.
As for now, Beatrice and Wright talk frequently, he even refers her as "his sister" on Facebook. Beatrice claims, " No matter what happens, either way, she and her family are now part of my family for life."
Facebook is a great way for people to connect and socialize. Though Facebook may only be a means of communication for many folks, to Beatrice it was a life saver.
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