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article image10-year-old brings 300 million-year-old fossil to Show and Tell

By Marcus Hondro     Mar 25, 2013 in World
Safe to say that for the first time in history a 10-year-old brought along to a Show and Tell a fossil that's 300 million-years-old. Bruno Debattista, from Oxford, found it on holiday in Cornwall and thought it may be of value.
Debattista is a primary school student in Oxford with an interest in pre-history and he took his find to an after school club at Oxford University`s museum of natural history . He found it last year on a beach in Cornwall, there vacationing with his family. Despite being just 10, he suspected it was an old fossil of crustacean footprints and to everyone`s amazement, he was mostly correct.
“Footprints of this age are incredibly rare and extremely hard to spot, so we were amazed when Bruno produced them at our After-School Club,” Chris Jarvis, museum education officer, told U.K. media. “Still more impressive is the fact Bruno had a hunch they might be some kind of footprints, even though the specimen had some of our world expert geologists arguing about it over their microscopes.”
The two footprints are of horseshoe crabs, Jarvis pointed out, likely made by a pair of mating ones in the Carboniferous period, some 308 to 327 million years ago. Horseshoe crabs are not in fact crustaceans but resemble them; they are from the chelicerata family.
Debattista is giving his find to the museum for show. And yes, it's also safe to say that it's the first time a 10-year-old has gifted 300 million-year-old fossilized footprints to a museum.
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