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article imageBrittny Pierre admits going on 3 dates a week only for free meals

By JohnThomas Didymus     Mar 24, 2013 in Lifestyle
A fashion blogger Brittny Pierre has admitted in a confession posted online that she was a "dinner whore." She revealed that she went on more than 60 dates with men she met online only because as a struggling musician in New York she needed free meals.
In the article posted to the feminist blog Xojane, Pierre, who, according to the Daily Mail, writes for the Village Voice media and a hip hop website, said she arranged dozens of dates with different men only for the opportunity of a free meal.
Her disclosure has received mixed reactions on Xojane, with men tending to disapprove and women tending to approve.
Pierre gives details of how she meets her "victims" on the dating site OKCupid and Craiglist. She confesses she would schedule a dinner dates three times a week with different men, feast to her heart's content and allow the men to foot the bills.
She hit on the idea two years ago after she arrived in New York broke. She recently graduated from college with no source of income.
She claimed that a friend suggested that she sign up to the OKCupid site for dates, but it occurred to her that dating could be a way for her to get meals without having to spend money.
She realized that to make the best of the opportunity she would have to date any man that comes along and not only those she liked. She writes: "I just had to go full throttle and just see who was willing to take me out. A meal is a meal!"
She also responded to personal ads on Craiglist that looked promising. Part of her strategy to make a living from dating involved exploiting the ego of her victims by saying she was looking for her future Ryan Gosling. In reality any man who invited her for dinner was Ryan Gosling.
She comments: "The amount of men who think they’re Ryan Gosling in New York City is alarmingly high."
According to Pierre she would chat with her next victim and hope the discussion would lead to an offer to take out her out on a date to a restaurant she suggests. Her success rate was high, about 90 percent.
She soon lost count of her dates. By October 2011, she could barely keep track of the men she was processing online for her next free meal. "I was scheduling three dates a week while on my lunch break at my internship [with Vibe Magazine]."
She recalls all sorts of odd experiences, including a man with a foot fetish who, in response to the waiter's question if they wanted to order dessert, said "Yes, her toes."
She recalls another victim who could hardly speak a word of English and another who flirted with everything female. She writes: "I made sure... to order the most expensive dish on the menu. Even though I hate seafood, I got lobster and ordered dessert and it was the best meal of my life!"
She writes that at a point it seemed that her "dinner whoring" was turning into a full-time job with "benefits of steak dinner and crème brulee desserts."
After going on dinner dates with more than 60 men and having chatted with more than 100 online she began confusing her victims and on one occasion she ended up with two men at once.
She writes: "... everything started to get out of hand. My schedule started to get sloppy. I planned to have dinner with one guy and drinks with another a couple of hours later. Date #1 wanted to continue hanging out and I found myself on a date with both guys. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! I tried to introduce both as 'friends' but when they asked how we all know one another and it clicked that they both know me from OkCupid, they knew they were both on a date with the same girl."
She decided to quite the "job" soon after.
What probably reflects the quality of friends she kept and the influences that encouraged her action was her admission that many of her female friends approved of her scheme and even praised her for it. However, some of her male acquaintances were understandably disturbed when they learned of her escapades. She writes: "A really close guy friend said he was disappointed in my recent escapades. He felt I was using men and explained to me that these men I went on dates with were probably expecting a relationship from me, yet I just wanted a meal and nothing more."
Her defense was predictable: "I explained that I didn't see this as any different than a guy who buys a drinks for a girl at a bar in hopes of getting laid."
The manager of a "swanky" Manhattan restaurant where she worked as a hostess was so upset that he called her a low-rate prostitute. She writes: "He was completely flabbergasted and expressed I was 'too classy' for 'this mess.' He called me a low-rate prostitute and told each male server about my antics and made me watch their facial expression, just so I could feel bad about what I did. He made his point."
But Pierre remains unrepentant. She writes: "Looking back, I truly didn't see the harm in my actions. I met a wide variety of men and honed my acting and interviewing skills while chowing down on some awesome steak dinners."
She says that her OKCupid account is still active but that now she is looking out for romance. But one wonders how her reputation especially after the disclosure would affect her ability to find romance. She muses: "Maybe the slim pickings in my inbox these days are my karmic revenge."
This is not the first time that a woman has admitted going on dinner dates with multiple men for free meals. According to the Daily Mail, in 2006, a 26-year-old food blogger Brooke Parkhurst, confessed to being a "dinner whore" after going on more than 200 dinner dates and eating free meals worth $30,000.
Parkhurst's confession led to the phenomenon of the "dinner whore avenger," who publicly calls out a woman he suspects of seeking to use him for a free meal.
It would be interesting to get the reaction of some of Pierre's victims who have read her confession article.
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