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article imageTerrorist, Big Business, Failed Multi-racial Marriage: Sexwale

By Matthew Hendricks     Mar 24, 2013 in World
Tokyo Sexwale is currently in the news for his high profile divorce from Judy Sexwale.
From terrorist to business tycoon to public sector to failed multi-racial marriage, we take a look at just a few of many aspects of Tokyo's life so far:
Tokyo (Mosima Gabriel) Sexwale, currently the Minister of Human Settlements of South Africa, was born in 1953 in Orlando West in Soweto.
Among other political involvement, Tokyo joined Umkhonto we Sizwe (abreviated as MK), the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC), a movement shaped by black nationalism, World Jewry (particularly Albie Sachs and Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo) and Soviet Communism.
The ANC leadership saw MK as the armed component of a strategy of "people's war" that was primarily geared towards terrorizing the masses and forcing through fear their total political support for the ANC.
The MK bombed civilian, industrial and infrastructural sites. Notable among their terrorist activities were the 8 January 1982 attack on the Koeberg nuclear power plant near Cape Town, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the formation of the ANC; the Church Street bombing on 20 May 1983, killing 19 civilians, and the 14 June 1986 car-bombing of Magoo's Bar in Durban, in which 3 innocent people were killed and 73 injured.
The total number of people dying as a direct result of MK and the ANC through their inhumane tactics, human rights violations and detention prisons may be thousands. Yes, of the very same people the world is told they "liberated".
By 1975, Tokyo Sexwale went to the Soviet Union to, like all his fellow ANC leaders, be trained in tactics to radically, violently and militantly change South Africa into a Communist socialist regime with the elite of the ANC, the latter historically heavily dominated by the Communist Party, the vanguard party.
Returning to South Africa in 1976, Tokyo Sexwale joined a cell working to train other ANC cadres, but he was arrested and sentenced to prison on Robben Island for 18 years for terrorism and conspiracy to overthrow the government (he would only serve 13 of these), and throwing a grenade at two policemen during an attempt to smuggle arms for the ANC's military wing MK.
It is during this time that he started a romantic relationship with his paralegal who represented him in part; a white woman by the name of Judy van Vuuren. Their love bloomed through smuggled love letters, small touches under the table and eye contact.
Tokyo Sexwale was released from prison in 1990, and in 1993 Judy and him were married.
In 1994 the dream of the ANC came to pass, as after a long and painful history the ANC came to rule South Africa in what they call a "Tripartite Alliance" - consisting of the SACP (South African Communist Party), the ANC, and Cosatu (Federation of Worker Unions included to represent the working classes, as Communist ideology claims the focus is sqarely on the interests of the working class).
Cadres were soon planted in all major sectors all over South Africa to make sure the ANC's agenda, most notably the National Democratic Revolution remain on track and opposition efforts lead nowhere.
South Africa was promptly restructured; new provinces, followed by new names for cities, streets and areas, in many cases to carry the names of the ANC's Communist leaders to show the public that the ANC has taken over here. As can be imagined, it led to a lot of controversy as people's cultural histories are tied to names.
White people, generally not ANC supporters, soon felt themselves completely discriminated against in this increasingly seemingly anti-white racist "non-racial" regime, thanks to ANC policies like "Affirmative Action"; totally discriminating racist government policies to only do business with 100% black owned enterprizes; and increasingly sadistic farm murders of white people, openly promoted by public ANC speeches and songs.
Henceforth, the ANC elite would become super rich, because of their connections (or cronyism) but to the public's outrage, more often than is acceptable through blatant corruption, crime or theft (or any combination of those). A later ANC state president, controversial for stealing the public's money for his own personal use, would make loaded statements that can be perceived as for your business to prosper, you need to back the ANC; and that those who do will be rewarded with the proceeds of government corruption. Under ANC rule, dark days started in which the government officials steal money earmarked for public projects, and using it for their personal use.
Fraud, corruption and "maladministration", as well as cronyism and lack of service delivery soon became the proud tradition of the ANC elite, and the horrific legacy of ANC rule/oppression left on the citizenry.
Tokyo Sexwale was appointed as premier of Gauteng Province, South Africa's richest province, in 1994. By 1998, like many other politicians-turned-businessmen who use their connections to pursue lucrative business deals, Tokyo Sexwale decided to leave politics and focus solely on business.
Upon leaving the public sector, Sexwale founded Mvelaphanda Holdings, a "Black Economic Empowerment" (BEE) company of which he is still executive chairman. Mvelaphanda is primarily focused on the mining, energy and related sectors. Some of Sexwale's main interests are oil and diamond mining, for which he has been granted concessions across Africa and Russia; these interests are controlled by a subsidiary of Mvelaphanda Holdings called Mvelaphanda Resources, of which Tokyo is chairman.
Tokyo has also been the Director of ABSA Group limited, and a host of South African companies.
In 2002, the United States refused Tokyo Sexwale a visa to visit New York where he was to host a ceremony at the launch of a South African goldmine, Goldfields, onto the New York Stock Exchange. This refusal of entry is in connection with his terrorist activities for the ANC and MK. The ANC was removed from Washington's terrorist watchlist only in 2008.
Tokyo Sexwale is said to have amassed a fortune to the tune of R1.9-billion in his time at the Mvelaphanda company. Exactly how rich and successful he became in business can be gleamed from the fact that for Valentine's day in 2005, instead of just the old boring Valentine's card, he gave his white wife Judy an eight seater Lear Jet.
Tokyo loaded his wife with gifts. Not just material goods, but the couple also had two children, Gabrielle and Chris. Their fortune soared.
Tokyo Sexwale returned to politics in 2007, and in 2009 he became South Africa's Minister of Human Settlements. This department deals with providing housing to the public, but of course under ANC rule it had became just another nest of corruption and theft.
The marriage of Tokyo and Judy Sexwale may originally have been glorified as a heavenly post-Apartheid example of a happily married interracial couple, but the relationship once perceived as a fairy tale proved to lack the crucial happilly ever after. A messy divorce was to follow.
Judy Sexwale's legal team now claim in a statement that Tokyo physically, verbally, spiritually and emotionally abused her, among other problems that the couple can't solve. There is also speculations about a third party involved.
Tokyo Sexwale denies her allegations.
In court documents, Judy says her husband is very calculated and secretive about his financial matters. He is hiding the extent of his fortune from her. This in spite of her right to ask questions, as she is a trustee of their family trust fund and his wife.
In the divorce settlement, Judy wants a seventy million rand house, three million to furnish it, a one million rand car every five years as well as monthly maintenance of one hundred and fifty thousand rands.
In any event, both Judy and Tokyo say that the relationship has been over for some time. They seperated last year.
Judy and the children have moved away to Cape Town.
In the divorce proceedings, Tokyo is represented by Billy Gundelfinger, and Judy by Beverly Clark.
Tokyo Sexwale reaffirmed his loyalties to Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), when he promised all veteran MK cadres social housing, courtesy of ANC government, or the already heavily burdened tax payers of South Africa.
A famous quote by Tokyo Sexwale:
"If blacks get hurt, I get hurt. If whites get hurt, that's my wife, and if you harm coloured people, you're looking for my children. Your unity embodies who I am."
We can only hope that after his divorce, he won't stop caring about the welfare of white people too.
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