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article imageTopFinds: Battling Facebook fraud, making Mars travel a reality

By David Silverberg     Mar 23, 2013 in Internet
How one Digital Journalist endured a social media snafu. The cost of becoming a Canadian citizen could double. Inside the wild world of human travel to Mars. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.
As we do every week, we've collected the top news stories and compiled them on one page. Digital Journalists reported on Canadian news, intriguing science updates, the latest odd stories and much more.
We also highlight some of the major topics Digital Journalists have been covering recently. Note you can see the trending topics at the top of any page on our news network, in the black bar. They are changing constantly to react to what people are reading on the site. We wanted to include this feature to let you know the topics people want to read about on Digital Journal.

Hot topics on Digital Journal

Syria news
Canada news
Mars news

Top Digital Journal Reports

Interview: Michael Nesmith on his solo tour and 50-year career (Includes interview) by Mindy Peterman

Top Digital Journal Reports

Op-Ed: No evidence weight loss improves health, says nutrition expert (Includes interview) by Ernest Dempsey
Is there really any scientific evidence proving a solid causal connection between weight loss and good health? An expert in the field says there is no such evidence.
Wildcats drop conference opener, Oregon State plays good baseball (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Kim Hartman
Even before Friday night’s conference opening loss to Oregon State, Andy Lopez knew there was a tough road ahead for his defending Champion team.
Beavers DH Dylan Davis went 2-for-5 with a run scored on Friday. He leads his team in batting averag...
Beavers DH Dylan Davis went 2-for-5 with a run scored on Friday. He leads his team in batting average (.397).
Three Times for Luck—and Maybe a New Home for Riley (Includes interview) by Anna Timone
On March 5th, after three years, three months, three weeks, and three days waiting for a heart and lungs, and following two surgeries canceled at the last minute, the third time proved to be Riley O’Brien’s lucky charm.
Facebook fraud, user ID and a nasty situation for FB users (Includes interview) by Paul Wallis
Facebook recently issued a statement to the effect that a percentage of its accounts were fraudulent, using fake IDs. Digital Journalist Debra Myers had a personal experience which shows how Facebook users can be on the wrong end of the stick.
Review: 'No' depicts TV advertising winning 1988 Chilean referendum (Includes first-hand account) by Jeff Cottrill
Leave it to a fictionalized period drama to celebrate advertising's potential to change the world. “No”, set during the 1988 Chilean plebiscite to vote Augusto Pinochet out of power, turns history into a feel-good dramedy about a mass-media triumph.

Top Images

Steam locomotive at the roundhouse. Baquedano Railway Museum.
Steam locomotive at the roundhouse. Baquedano Railway Museum.
The Great Buddha Hall is a huge building in the Todai-ji Buddhist complex of Nara  Japan.
The Great Buddha Hall is a huge building in the Todai-ji Buddhist complex of Nara, Japan.
Birkita  a great grey owl
Birkita, a great grey owl

In the Media

Girl, 10, avoids abduction, stranger didn't know code word by Arthur Weinreb
The 10-year-old Ontario girl not only managed to thwart the abduction attempt but was able to give police a description of the man, his vehicle, a woman sitting in the car and a partial license plate.
Toronto police lay sex tourism charges against senior citizen by Arthur Weinreb
In what was a first for the Toronto Police Service, charges were brought against a Toronto man for offences against children that allegedly occurred in Cuba.
Someone unknown bought a million BlackBerry 10 phones by Eko Armunanto
An undisclosed partner bought a million BlackBerrys from the smartphone maker formerly known as Research In Motion -- marking the largest ever single purchase in the company's history.
Lioness of Croatia, Nora Situm dies after leukemia battle by Paul Bradbury
She was the small child who united a nation in economic crisis, a Croatian lioness who has gone to join the angels with wings. Nora Situm passed away today at five years old.
Muslim gang-rapes across Europe under-reported in press by Katerina Nikolas
High profile-gang rapes in India have been in the headlines since December. The phenomenon is growing across Europe too, but tends to be under reported due to the high incidence of Muslim perpetrators which makes it politically incorrect to mention.
The planet Mars
The planet Mars
The Mars Initiative
Volunteers sought for Mars colony — Catch is you won't come back by Marcus Hondro
Bas Lansdorp told CBC Radio in Canada on Monday that his intention to send a mission to Mars is seeking willing participants. He can, and will, he says, get them there but the job lasts a lifetime because he can't bring them back.
Onion satire video foreshadows CNN reaction to Steubenville rape by Sherene Chen-See
CNN's sympathy for the Steubenville rapists, which has inspired public outrage, has been compared to a 2011 satire video from The Onion, showing how a jock overcame the 'trauma' of raping a girl in his dorm room.
Big Bums: Police warn of dangerous, illegal butt enhancements by Marcus Hondro
Police in the Canadian city of Toronto are warning people about procedures to enhance the buttocks. They say there are people offering illegal and dangerous butt enhancements, so dangerous that they're potentially deadly.
Costa Concordia, once refloated, to be scrapped at Piombino port by Marcus Hondro
The Costa Concordia disaster was 14 months ago and finally there is a complete plan to remove the ship. While it's been known for months they were refloating and towing it for dismantling, only now have Italian officials decided the port it will go to.
Cost of becoming Canadian citizen could double by Arthur Weinreb
As part of the federal budget tabled yesterday, fees for applying to become a Canadian citizen and the cost of obtaining temporary visas for students, workers and visitors will be "modernized" to cover more of the processing costs.
Francis the Doomsday Pope, the last pope before the end of days by Eko Armunanto
There will be only 112 popes before the doomsday. By sitting on the seat number 111, the resigned Pope Benedict XVI was making his successor Francis I the last pope on earth.
Aussie scientists set to resurrect extinct gastric-brooding frog by JohnThomas Didymus
Scientists at the University of South Wales have succeeded in growing early stage cloned embryos containing the DNA of the extinct gastric-brooding frog. The achievement is the crucial first step in the attempt to bring the species back from extinction.
Op-Ed: 3 fighters Manny Pacquiao could face before retiring by Leo Reyes
Manny Pacquaio wants a maximum of three more fights before finally retiring from boxing but he did not disclose the names of his three possible opponents.
Video: 'After Ever After' Disney princesses parody goes viral by JohnThomas Didymus
Ever wondered what really happens in the "ever after" to those Disney princesses whom we are told "lived happily ever after"? Jon Cozart's "After Ever After" viral video parody of Disney reveals the after-curtain-falls lives of the princesses.

Top Blogs

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China's Water Problems Continue to Grow Along with Economy by Barbara McPherson
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Some of the greatest PBS TV series crop up on Netflix; Brideshead Revisited is among them by Jonathan Farrell
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