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article imageOp-Ed: Colt firearms under fire and feeling unwelcome in Connecticut

By Duane Buell     Mar 22, 2013 in Politics
Colt is the manufacturer of the Colt 45 revolver known as "The Peacemaker" and is facing a hostile environment in Connecticut, a place they called home for 175 years. Generations of family members have a solid history working at Colt.
The tragic mass killings over the last few years in America have renewed the gun control debate Nationwide. Second Amendment rights supporters have a strong solid argument on their side.
We live in a Constitutional Republic where our founding fathers such as Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson knew the importance of balancing the government with the rights and duties protecting we the people, yet few anymore seem to know what the constitution means and it seems some no longer care.
Politicians concerned over their own re-election are caught between gauging the political winds and not appearing uncaring or spineless on the issue of gun control. But when emotions are running high it's easy to substitute an easy answer for what should be common sense and law abiding gun owners are finding themselves in the crosshairs for the types of weapons Colt produces. Their fear is that the lawmakers along with pro-gun control advocates are spending more time blaming the guns themselves than the actual criminal.
It's hard to argue that they could be wrong when legislators such as Representative Joe Salazar of Colorado seriously offended women in particular eluding that being victims of crime doesn't make women smart enough to handle guns.
Dianne Feinstein herself has found herself having to explain old quotes from the past where she was allegedly reported to have said that she does not believe that people should have the right to own guns.
This entire scenario has American firearms manufacturers caught in a kind of tug of war where they often feel as if they are in a no win situation such as Colt does in Connecticut. Dennis Vellieux feels so passionately about his Connecticut heritage he felt compelled to write an Op-Ed piece for the Hartford Courant, the local newspaper.
He has many supporters across the country who have risen up themselves in support of our Nation's heritage of protecting firearms owners with outspoken members of the National Rifle Association, leading the charge with the help of courageously outspoken people like
Colion Noir. In response to more of the same old failed gun control measures, associations like the Gun owners of America, Citizens committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, to name a few rightfully point out they cannot wait to be lectured about gun control from an Administration who used operations like Fast and Furious started under Obama in 2009 which resulted in some 300 or more Mexicans including 48 to 60 children being killed by armed members of drug cartels!
Gun control is not only a failure, but it is a feel good measure that has yet proven to work here in the United States of America. If gun control were such a success, then why is the city with the strictest gun control laws in the USA also the one with the highest capital murder rate by firearms? I'm talking about Chicago. The Aurora Colorado movie theater gunman with orange hair already claimed in court he picked the theater he did because it was a gun free zone where no one could stop him.
Gun rights supporters claim to have a valid argument here and they could be right. The mall shooter in Clackamas Oregon wasn't prepared to be confronted by an armed citizens with a licensed firearm and a legal Concealed Carry Weapons Permit.
That criminal who was shooting people inside the Clackamas mall took his own life in response to being confronted by an armed man.
Gun manufacturers all across the country are still facing hostility from the States in which they conduct their business of manufacturing firearms for Americans. Mag Pull of Colorado has already started to move out of Colorado in response to Colorado governor John Hickenlooper signing new legislation into law prohibiting magazines that carry more than 16 rounds. Mag Pul has yet to determine a new location.
Many of these Gun manufacturers have already stated that if the citizens right to keep and bear arms are not respected by their government, then they will no longer sell those government entities in those states that choose to infringe on the rights of it's citizens. One thing is for sure, the issue of gun control is dividing the nation into distinct separations of people on both sides of the issue into opposite camps. The media isn't helping much either making it clear that they will use their bias in favor of gun control to continuously drum into you, the viewer, every possible moment they can about the details of the mass shooters that have done tragic things to our communities creating an almost shrine like media coverage which gives these seriously disturbed individuals the attention they desire.
Yet it is seriously disturbing that almost no one can remember the man who risked his life to tackle the Tucson shooter who wounded Gabrielle Giffords and killed several others. No one knows the name of the Clackamas mall citizen who had the mall shooter in his sights and forced the man to take his own life before he could kill others. These people don't count. They don't fit into the pro-gun control agenda. Neither does Gabby Giffords for posing with an AR-15 for a press photo used to help her win her election. Her husband Mark Kelly is under fire for campaigning for stricter gun control legislation while buying one of the weapons he wants to ban for the rest of us for his own use even though he now claims it was to turn over to the police. the media will never report how he must declare this AR-15 purchase as being for someone else and fill out a 4473 transfer of ownership form in order to avoid a felony charge for making a straw purchase.
These are a few of the hypocritical scenarios gun owners and gun manufacturers are exposed to on a constant basis. The frustrations of manufacturers like Colt and Dennis Veilleux are understandable. The families of the victims and their frustrations are also understandable. Adam Lanza wasn't able to purchase a gun because he didn't want to wait for the background check. The system with NICS being used for checks on gun buyers worked. There is not one law that could have prevented that tragedy. If blame can be directed toward anyone it would be Adam Lanza's mother who failed to secure those weapons she was shot with in a safe only she could unlock and her son got ahold of them and shot her with them.
We have to do more to protect victims of gun violence, especially children. If I thought for a minute myself that a new gun control law would save more victims from becoming victims, including children like those from Sandy Hook, I wouldn't be writing the words in this article. I'm a Lifetime member of the NRA myself and I can tell you that every member I know would do anything we could to get between these criminals and their victims any way we could even if it meant getting shot ourselves. I know I'll be confronted by some on the left who will tell me that if guns were not available to the citizens, but only to the military, the government and police, these crimes wouldn't have happened. I'm not buying that for a minute. If you want to see what that scenario leads to then go watch the movie Schindlers List.
We can't continue to blame the guns themselves and make any progress in diminishing gun violence while ignoring the fact that children will see 1000 people die violently before they turn thirteen while we wonder why they laugh instead of abhor the horror. Hollywood makes millions off of violent films where mass amounts of people are shot up and takes no responsibility whatsoever for their part.
Law abiding gun owners are not the enemy any more than gun manufacturers are. Dennis Veillux may be able to keep his Connecticut business in Connecticut since it's obvious that's where his heart is. The multi family generations of Colt employees would prefer that I'm sure. I have no doubt that Doug Smith of Mag Pul would rather not leave Colorado if they can avoid it.
I can say that this article is so long because this issue affects me personally. I was taught how to shoot a gun when I was Seven years old and I have no desire to kill anyone. I've been exposed to guns all my life and I've yet to see one get up and start shooting on it's own.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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