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article imageReview: ‘Killers Behind Bars: Levi Bellfield’ Special

By Alexander Baron     Mar 24, 2013 in Crime
London - In this 45-minute documentary, Professor David Wilson looks at the proven crimes of serial killer Levi Bellfield and asks if he is responsible for others.
This is episode one in series two of Killers Behind Bars. For those who can receive it, it is currently on Demand 5 and will be until next year. If you are not au fait with the crimes of Levi Bellfield, you will find a timeline here by someone who has twice seen this monster in the flesh. Since then, Bellfield has been convicted of the murder of the schoolgirl Amanda Dowler, and lost an appeal.
This latter is a case that has been surrounded by controversy, though not for any reason concerning Bellfield's conviction, which is rock solid. Although his conviction for the Dowler murder came after the other two, it was committed before them. The police invested colossal resources on this investigation and painstakingly building a case against the man who became the prime suspect by chance.
Amélie Delagrange  an attractive young French girl living in Twickenham  was murdered by Levi Bellf...
Amélie Delagrange, an attractive young French girl living in Twickenham, was murdered by Levi Bellfield in August 2004.
Metropolitan Police
Criminologist David Wilson takes us through the murder of Amélie Delagrange in August 2004, and mentions the murder of Marsha McDonnell in February the previous year. There was also the near murder of Kate Sheedy, but it is the other, unproven attacks, that are most interesting, including especially the Chillenden Murders, for which Michael Stone has been convicted twice on the most ludicrous non-evidence that has ever been heard in an English courtroom.
While Wilson concludes that Bellfield is a strong candidate for these crimes, a pathologist he spoke to does not. Wilson also spoke to the barrister Mark McDonald, who is said to be acting for Michael Stone. No he ain't, at least not anymore. Having said that, McDonald is still convinced of Stone's innocence, as indeed is everyone who does not have a vested interest in believing the contrary.
Although the pathologist Wilson spoke to ruled out Bellfield for the Chillenden Murders on the basis of how the killer may have wielded the murder weapon, the importance of modus operandi can be overstated. He also spoke to a man Bellfield had attacked quite viciously, although for what appears to be some unfathomable reason, he was not even charged with much less convicted of that crime.
Also, the murder of schoolgirl Amanda Dowler was not carried out in the same way. Although her skeletal remains did not permit a cause of death to be established, she was clearly not hit over the head and left for dead.
Assuming Bellfield is not a candidate for the Chillenden Murders, Wilson believes he is a credible suspect for at least one unsolved murder, that of Melanie Hall whose remains were found dumped in a bin bag on the motorway more than 13 years after her disappearance. Bellfield's motive for this and other crimes? He hates blondes, which in addition to a psychopath makes him one sick puppy. It goes without saying that he can never be released.
Marsha McDonnell s stunning good looks and especially her blonde hair were her death warrant when sh...
Marsha McDonnell's stunning good looks and especially her blonde hair were her death warrant when she met psychopath Levi Bellfield.
Metropolitan Police
Although he is out of the news, it is not entirely possible that at some as yet uncertain future date Bellfield will be charged with another murder or even more murders; it remains to be seen if a third trial would be in the public interest, unless of course it is for the murders of Dr Lin Russell and her youngest daughter, and for the attempted murder of her eldest daughter, Josie. Before that can happen though, Michael Stone's convictions for the same crimes must be quashed. Don't hold your breath waiting for that.
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