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article image1984 is 2013: School systems adopting Orwellian programs

By Alex Allen     Mar 19, 2013 in Politics
Some Kentucky schools may have to undergo a new program that some administrators and teachers find "creepy" and "Orwellian;" but that's not the end of the top-down control over education in America.
I recently received a tip from an anonymous individual within a Kentucky school system who seemed very critical of a new program the school system will be adopting in the upcoming 2013-2014 school year. Allegedly, this Kentucky school system (which will remain unnamed) opted out of a program called "Ciits" when it first surfaced in 2011, but is now being told the program is mandatory.
What has many teachers and administrators throughout the county skeptical of the program is its Orwellian nature. "CIITS" logs everything on the computer; from personal information about students and teachers to school records and even lesson plans. Teachers will also be guided through a "test item bank," creating assessments that will be administered to students online. Teachers will even have the opportunity to share files and information with other teachers, a feature that some find very helpful but many see as top-down total control over education. "I think this is all part of their lifelong learning program, which to me just means lifelong indoctrination," said the anonymous source with whom I spoke. According to the Kentucky Department of Education's official website, “The Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System, or CIITS, is a multi-phase, multi-year project designed to provide Kentucky public school educators with the 21st-century resources they need to carry out highly-effective teaching and learning in every classroom in Kentucky.”
While researching this subject, I discovered that Kentucky is not the only state implementing a new top-down controlled system of education, and it gets even worse elsewhere. A company known as inBloom has signed contracts with Kentucky, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and New York for similar education systems. A "Common Core" student-tracking database, funded by Obama stimulus money and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is also being implemented at the federal level.
If this isn't enough to have teachers, administrators, students, and parents all worried, the Department of Education has also been contemplating using several student-monitoring techniques, putting electronic seats in classrooms to track and adjust posture, and placing biometric wraps on students' wrists. Several schools have already implemented various tracking systems. Just recently a Texas student was suspended for refusing to use a school-issued identification badge that contained a tracking chip. The student and her family refused to take part in the program because they saw it as the 'mark of the beast' from the Bible and claimed it went against their religious views. (Texas School Tracking IDs Can Be Required of Students, Judge Rules)
The attempt to drastically change the education system in America is nothing new. The website American has documented decades of corruption and change within the education system in America, some of which may shock the average person.
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