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Pro-Assad hackers deface Human Rights Watch website

By Paul Iddon     Mar 18, 2013 in Internet
Ideologically driven hackers in the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the website and Twitter page of Human Rights Watch and posted condemnations and denunciations of the group for its activities and investigations and human rights violations in Syria.
One such message vehemently denounced the organization saying that all its "reports are FALSE !!" before adding, "Stop lying!!!". The messages on the Human Rights Watch website subsequently led the viewer to the homepage of the Syrian Electronic Army. (Washington Post, March 17 2013)
The Syrian Electronic Army are ideologically driven hackers who appear to have conglomerated in order to using cyberspace and the internet mount a propaganda campaign based on defamation, hacker attacks and incessant spamming of comment fields across the web with pro-Assad sloganeering. They are notorious for targeting activists who are against the actions of the Assad regime online. (UPI, March 18 2013)
They are similar in a lot ways, from an organizational standpoint, to the ideologically-driven sympathizers of the Iranian regime who use similar tactics to defame cyber activists and journalists who document the numerous and abject human rights violations of that regime -- which as it happens is an ally of Assad and has given his regime decisive support in the field of tracking and countering what they deem to be "subversive activity" of internet users in their respective countries.
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