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article imageIsrael — Iran has 50,000 proxy soldiers in Syria

By Paul Iddon     Mar 17, 2013 in Politics
According to the head of Israel's military intelligence Iran has trained an army of 50,000 soldiers in Syria who will help Assad consolidate his hold on power by force.
Major General Aviv Kochavi claimed that Tehran has funded this army's training by Hezbollah and armed it. It also has plans to double its size to 100,000 men. Its reason for doing so? It is afraid of losing a major strategic ally in the region. Nevertheless Iran, along with Hezbollah, are preparing for the possibility that the Syrian regime will suffer defeat and destruction.
Kochavi contends that, "Iran is losing a sole ally in the region surrounding Israel. It will lose the ability to transfer weaponry through Syria to Hezbollah." So accordingly, "Iran and Hezbollah are also preparing for the day after Assad's fall, when they will use this army to protect their assets and interest in Syria." (The Telegraph, March 14 2013)
Iran has acknowledged that it has forces on the ground in Syria in the form of Revolutionary Guard commanders who are serving as advisers to the Syrian military. However it denies charges that it has an active role in combat on the ground in Syria.
On Iran's nuclear front the regime does not see a "high likelihood" of a military strike leveled against its nuclear installations anytime soon. He said that it "is making sure not to cross any international red lines because the survival of the regime is the highest priority." (Jerusalem Post, March 14 2013)
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