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article imageOp-Ed: Capriles, the CIA, and their War against Chavez and Venezuela

By Ruth Hull     Mar 15, 2013 in World
As Hugo Chavez is mourned and remembered by the people of Venezuela and the world, Henrique Capriles, the CIA and the IMF lie in wait, ready to snatch up Venezuela's resources. Cindy Sheehan and Cynthia McKinney remain optimistic.
“The USA has been trying to remove, kill, or defeat the Bolivarian Revolution of Hugo Chavez for a decade and a half now. The US will, once again, pour millions of dollars into defeating the revolution in the special election in Venezuela next month. The candidate of the Evil Empire is Capriles, but the candidate of the people of Venezuela is the Revolution. Nicolas Maduro is dedicated to the revolution and he is a brilliant choice to replace our departed comrade. The people of Venezuela have been empowered, they are not going back to the days of rule by the oligarchy. The US, will once again, be defeated in Venezuela”.--Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Mother for Peace, former candidate for Vice President, civil rights/anti-war leader and host of Cindy Sheehan’s Soap Box and the "S" word.
On, October 7, 2012, Hugo Chavez, populist President of Venezuela, the country with the Best election system in the world according to U.S. President Jimmy Carter, soundly trounced right-wing aristocrat and media mogul Henrique Capriles in an election that would have been decisive, but for the untimely death of Hugo Chavez. His death has been very convenient for Henriqe Capriles Radonski and for the CIA, the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, the IMF, the WTO and the corporate oil industry in their quest to rob the people of Venezuela of their right to determine their future. Hugo Chavez had been been standing in the way of their attempts to plunder the rights and privileges of Venezuela's people and snatch the country's resources. Chavez's 2012 victory over Capriles solidified the freedom of the Venezuelan people from these eager plunderers. This wasn’t the first time these two men were at odds. Henrique Capriles was charged in connection with the 2002 coup in which Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was kidnapped and held prisoner until the people of Venezuela forced the Oil Division of the CIA to release their beloved leader.
Hugo Chavez  president of Venezuela
Hugo Chavez was known for his anti-American sentiments
photo by Quecomunismo
Almost as soon as word spread in 2012 that Hugo Chavez needed treatment for cancer, the aristocratic Henrique Capriles sought to overturn the will of the voters. After all, the voters weren’t rich like he was. Why let democracy stand in the way of a rich man’s power grab? Capriles seemed eagerly to be awaiting Chavez’s death, demanding (even before Chavez died) that the elected leader be unseated if he was too sick to make his inauguration. Imagine if Mitt Romney had threatened to take the Presidency if Barack Obama had been too sick to attend his inauguration? To the chagrin of Capriles, the Venezuelan general assembly voted its full support to the democratically-elected Chavez Government, a severe blow to the attempted takeover by the electoral loser. Even more of a setback to sore loser Capriles was the announced decision of the Venezuelan Supreme Court on January 9, 2013, that Hugo Chavez could be inaugurated after the scheduled date without losing his elected position.
Henrique Capriles did not seem at all surprised when Hugo Chavez died. Chavez was an obstacle to Capriles and the oil industry and American-Israeli Military Industrial complex, to which Capriles was tied. If you are going to take over a country for big business and subject it to foreign will, the plan works better if populist leaders simply die. As the people of Venezuela mourned, their loss was a lucky gain for Capriles.
While attending the procession and funeral for Hugo Chavez in Caracas, six term Congresswoman, former U.S. Presidential candidate and international human rights leader Cynthia McKinney noted the observation that “Venezuela without Chavez is like Latin America without the sun.” She reported the following observation:
"It was announced that people proceed to see Chavez at approximately 40 persons per minute. The line is longer today than it was yesterday. Yesterday, it was 2 million. These 40 persons per minute have been through the line since Thursday morning. At the National Assembly, the people chanted: "Chavez no murio, se multiplico!" which means, "Chavez did not die, he multiplied!" Another chant of the people was this: "Alerte, Alerte, Alerte que camina, la espada de Bolivar por America Latina!" which means "Beware, Beware, Beware, Simone Bolivar's sword is walking around Latin America!" T-shirts saying, "Yo soy Chavez" and Chavez's eyes on t-shirts and caps. Maduro is now the President and Chavez's son-in-law is the Vice President. When the VP announcement was made, the crowd roared!!! I am now going to give my report to Incredibly, not one U.S. elected official was announced as in attendance at the Maduro-Arreaza swearing in."
Listen to this radio broadcast of Cynthia McKinney and Fernando Velasquez while in Venezuela. It shows the love of the people for their leader. Can you imagine any of these people willingly supporting someone as hostile to their beloved Hugo Chavez as Henrique Capriles was?
Nicolas Maduro
Nicolas Maduro
Fabio Rodrigues / Wikipedia
Wayne Madsen (an informed reporter who formerly worked with the NSA,) has stated, “'Scientific Assassinations' are Part of the CIA’s Modus Operandi." He pointed out that Chavez, himself, believed that the cancers were part of a CIA plot. Indeed, If you look at what has happened to Latin American leaders who cross the U.S or big business, it looks like cancer is the weapon of choice. If it were one leader, you might wonder, but six? Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, Brazilian President Ignacio Lula da Silva, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and right-wing Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos, after he dared to cross the U.S. and meet with the left-wing Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. In discussing the history of weaponized cancer, Madsen has pointed out that, in 1931, Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, a white racist and anti-Latin American scientist with the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations in San Juan, subjected 13 Puerto Ricans to experiments by injecting them with cancer-causing biological agents. Madsen further pointed out that "[T]he biological agents and their weapons were specifically developed as part of the top secret MKNAOMI project, a joint operation conducted by the CIA and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick."
Therefore, when Nicolas Maduro repeated the suspicions of Hugo Chavez and people around the world when he expressed his concern that Chavez was inoculated with a carcinogenic substance, his statements were backed up by the documented facts from the scientific and U.S. intelligence communities and by evidence of what had happened to similar leaders.
In a recent interview, Cynthia McKinney, pointed out that what happened under Chavez in Venezuela was “people-power.” She spoke of Chavez’s world-wide support . She noted that, in 2002, when the U.S. backed forces kidnapped Chavez, the people took to the streets, and saved his life, their government and their right of self-determination. She pointed out that the history of the United States has been one of foul play, and she referred listeners to Frank Church’s documents, showing the U.S. Government had acted as “Murder Incorporated.”
Nicolas Maduro plans to continue the Chavismo reforms that have brought the people of Venezuela from extreme poverty and servitude into taking charge of their country and participating in its wealth. This is an ongoing revolution that the Venezuelan people want to continue. They will not willingly accept the return road to aristocracy that Capriles represents. On April 14, 2013, Nicolas Maduro is expected to receive a landslide victory in his own right as Venezuela and the world continues to tell the U.S. Military Industrial Complex to keep it's "Hands off Venezuela,"
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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