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article imageHezbollah deputy: Assad will win reelection

By Paul Iddon     Mar 12, 2013 in Politics
With Syrian presidential elections due next year Syrian president Assad will run and be reelected claimed Hezbollahs deputy Sheikh Naim Qassem.
Mr. Qassem predicts that Syria will remain mired in conflict with no resolution or victory in sight for either side. He had previously predicted over a year ago that Assad would not be ousted or step down from power. Now he's saying the incumbent Syrian president will win due to a strong support base that see their communities very existence dependent on the longevity of his regime.
Mr. Qassem voiced these beliefs when he stated that he believes "that in a year's time he [Assad] will stand for the presidency. It will be the people's choice, and I believe the people will choose him."
He went on to say that, "The crisis in Syria is prolonged, and the West and the international community have been surprised by the degree of steadfastness and popularity of the regime." (Reuters, March 12 2013)
The Lebanese based Hezbollah militia, of which Mr. Qassem is the deputy, of has directly backed Assad in the bloody ongoing Syrian Civil War along with its close ally in Tehran. (Jerusalem Post, March 10 2013)
Qassem's solution to the ongoing conflict is the following, "Either they [the ragtag rebel opposition] reach a political solution, in agreement with President Assad . . . or there can be no alternative regime in Syria." He furthermore added that from his, and indeed his Hezbollah militia's vantage point, "The [Assad] regime is defending itself in a battle which it sees as an existential fight, not a struggle for power." He said that the opposition Assad faces is part of a conspiracy orchestrated by countries that wish to break the "resistance project", a crystal clear reference to the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis. (See my recent editorial on this axis here on Digital Journal).
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