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article imageVideo: Nick Lowles driven out of Harold Wood by local people

By Richard Milnes     Mar 12, 2013 in Politics
Havering - Local people drive the far-left extremist, Nick Lowles out of Harold Wood and show him that his Anglophobic, racist views are not welcome in Havering, East London.
In the video, one of the local people can be seen saying to Nick Lowles “If you want to live in a country where there is no free speech, I suggest you go to China or somewhere like that.” This is possibly a reference to Nick Lowles’ far-left associations and his relentless attacks on his website of any individual, group or organisation that speaks out about issues that concern the British people, such as mass immigration and the gradual Islamification of the country. His organisation has gone to great lengths to ensure that people are not allowed to express their opinions freely on issues of genuine concern.
At one point Nick Lowles looks very worried when one of the local people shouts angrily at him. Another local man shouts “You are a traitor to your country!” Nick Lowles gets into the car with his cronies and leaves.
The white working class English have been driven to the fringes of London due in part to the success of Nick Lowles’ HNH organisation’s propaganda campaigns, which are often aimed at the young and easily influenced. The indigenous English are now a minority in their own capital city.
Nick Lowles is a well-known far-left extremist who runs the Hope Not Hate website, which is devoted to attacking any organisation which represents the indigenous British people.
He has gained notoriety over the years for his racist views. For example, he was caught on camera gloating about having succeeded in taking London from the English and standing up for a youth who spat in the face of a candidate in an unprovoked attack.
In the past, organisations that he is linked to have been involved in violence and intimidation against political opponents, including attacks with darts and claw hammers.
Nick Lowles is believed to have been attempting to leaflet the area with propaganda in order to ensure that no political party that represents the English people gets elected in the Gooshays Ward by-election on 21 March 2013, which arose as a result of the death of Councillor Dennis Bull.
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