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article imageVideo: Patriotic groups unite for ‘Deport Abu Qatada’ demo

By Richard Milnes     Mar 12, 2013 in World
Stanmore - Various patriotic organisations came together on Saturday in the latest protest against anti-British, terrorist threat, Abu Qatada, known as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe.
Bizarrely British taxpayers are financing Abu Qatada and his family at a time of austerity and economic hardship.
A demonstration was held in Stanmore, North London on Saturday, 9 March, at the junction, which is as close to the home of known terrorist threat, Abu Qatada’s as protests can legally take place.
Digital Journal is unable to print Abu Qatada’s address, due to a court order issued by a judge that forbids media organisations from revealing it.
Some protesters held the Cross of St George and Union Jack flags, other held signs, including those saying, ‘No human rights for terrorists’.
Judging from the locations on flags the large number in attendance had come from far and wide including Leicester and Essex.
They chanted “Abu Qatada off our streets”
In the video cars can be heard tooting their horns at the demonstrators
Paul Golding - English National Resistance
Paul Golding, representing the English National Resistance was first to give a speech saying, “It’s great to see so many patriots from so many different groups here. We’ve got the South East Alliance, the English National Resistance, we’ve got supporters from the English Defence League, but this demonstration has been organised by the English Volunteer Force, so lets give them a good round of applause.
“See what can be done when we all stand together as one movement. All standing together, patriots from many different groups, telling that man down there (he points in the direction of Abu Qatada’s house), who’s in a taxpayer funded house, paid for by us, that we can’t even go near. A man who supports the Taliban, a man who supports Al-Qaeda, in our country, hates everything about our civilisation, our way of life, our country and we are giving him benefits, legal aid, a free house. So we’re here today to tell him to sod off back to his desert homeland. We don’t want him here.”
The demonstrators then start chanting “Out, out” and singing “He’s not welcome any more.”
“Well I can tell you now, that Abu Qatada broke his bail yesterday and was arrested. Vindication! He’s in our country. We’re paying for him, giving him a house and he still can’t behave himself and abide by our laws. And we’re here today on this junction because we will abide by the law. We can’t go down to his house because a crooked judge placed an injunction. Well I can tell you now, he’s broken his bail conditions and he’s been arrested. If he’s released and left alone again we won’t be so willing to abide by the law next time, not in a house that we’re paying for.”
Paul Golding then sent a clear message to anti-British troublemakers that are living in the country.
“I want to send a message on behalf of everyone here that all extremists, not just Islamic extremists, but mainly Islamic extremists are not welcome here. Anyone who comes to this country, abuses our hospitality, takes our money, agitates and undermines the security of our people; every single one of them had better watch their back from now on. Not only Abu Qatada, but Saiful Islam, Anjem Choudary, all of them. They are not welcome in our country. Enough is enough!”
A protester shouts, “Send them all back!”
Paul Golding rounds up his speech by saying, “Thank you for your good behaviour today. We’ve had a real good outing and we’ll see what happens with Abu Qatada; whether he’s going to get bailed again; whether they’re going to give him another slap on the wrist, or whether they will grow some British backbone and deport him once and for all. And the people of this country do not want him here. The government does not want him here. Yet he’s still here, leeching off this country, just like Choudary and all the others, with their ‘Jihad Seekers Allowance’. Enough is enough! The English people of this country have had enough. Long Live England! Long live St George!”
‘Jihad Seekers Allowance’ is a reference to a comment made by Anjem Choudary, which The Sun newspaper secretly recorded, in which he encourages Muslim extremists to claim UK taxpayer funded welfare benefits to finance their holy war in Britain.
Anjem Choudary receives more money in welfare payments than the take home pay of many British soldiers.
Paul Pitt - South East Alliance
Paul Golding then handed over to Paul Pitt, leader of the South East Alliance to give a speech to the crowd.
“Again, the message of unity is spreading between all the groups. We’re coming together to make a stand against people like this.”
They then held a minute’s silence for all the troops that had fought and died against scum like Abu Qatada. They bowed their heads in silence to remember the fallen.
Following the minute’s silence, Paul Pitt continued his speech, “A lot of people have got opinions about Qatada, yeah, but let’s stick to the facts, yeah. We know that he tried to come here and was turned away, legally, because he is a convicted terrorist from Jordan. We know that. So what did he do? He showed absolute contempt for British law, by coming in here as an illegal immigrant and staying here. And our government haven’t had the balls to stand up and do what’s right, yeah.
“He has shown nothing but contempt for us and our country and our people since the moment he has been here. He’s all right taking your money. He’s all right in a house and thieving off of us like a parasite! But what does he want us to do? He wants us all to convert to Islam. I’ll die! Yeah. That’s the only thing he’s offering us.
“While our troops are fighting and dieing in Afghan and Mali and places like that against scum like him. This man is spreading his jihad. Yeah. He’s done it for ten years. He has taken the absolute urine out of all of us and out of our people and out of our country. And at the end of the day he has no other place. We was in the High Court, right? And his family, which, let’s get it right, it’s not a normal family. His oldest son is already a convicted terrorist, yeah. The whole family have been indoctrinated into a religion of hate. So, it’s not a normal family and we’re being told in the High Court that they have an injunction stopping us from having a peaceful protest outside his house, yeah. It’s wrong.
“And at the end of the day there is no place for this man in this country. He is a terrorist. So let’s do the right thing. What have we got to wait for? Until he sets off another bomb or he recruits some idiot to go and blow up a bus? Is it going to be then the time that we kick him out? Or shall we kick him out now? Because I know what I’d prefer, I’d prefer him to be on the plane and out of this country today.
“We tracked him down. When he lived up the road, we tracked him down to his house and we drove him out of that house. Yeah? No arrests, no aggravation. We done it by coming together as the people, by standing with all the local community and getting it done. We’ve done it again here but we will carry on doing it. Abu Qatada has no place in this country and he will never have a day’s rest while he remains here. No surrender!”
David Harding - English Volunteer Force
David Harding of the English Volunteer Force thanked everyone for coming. “A massive thank you and just keep it all going, keep the unity going boys and girls!” He said.
Court of Appeal to rule on Abu Qatada deportation by end of month
The Standard reports that the Court of Appeal will rule by the end of March on Home Secretary Theresa May’s attempt to overturn a decision blocking the deportation of foreign terrorist threat, Abu Qatada from Britain.
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