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article imageOp-Ed: North Korea vows to nuke U.S.

By Larry Clifton     Mar 11, 2013 in Politics
Pyongyang - Thanks to shared nuclear technology from the Bill Clinton White House and a White House content with talking tough during the Bush years, North Korea finally exploded its first nuclear bomb in 2006.
Monday, further tainting the already crumbled foreign policy of Barack Obama, the rogue nation vowed to attack South Korea and launch a nuclear strike against the U.S.
After more than 16 years of complacent protestation from a politically impotent U.N. and shared technology from the U.S., Iran, China and other unlikely nuclear allies, Kim Jong-il became the newest wild card in a global game of nuclear chicken. Today, Kim Jong-un, the youngest and previously least-known son of the deceased Kim Jong-il, is the latest dictator to use nuclear threats to extract cash from the West.
Meanwhile, today, under the Obama administration’s political nose, a proud Iran, with the help of North Korea, France, the U.S., Russia, China and other formally and currently invested nations, is reportedly ready to birth a baby-nuke of its very own.
Simultaneously stirring the global pot of nuclear stew are Pyongyang’s latest threats that include vows to launch a nuclear strike on the U.S. and to scrap the nearly 60-year-old armistice that ended the Korean War, not necessarily in that order.
On the positive side, should the pint-sized dictator of a starving North Korea launch a tactical nuclear weapon against the U.S., the global community will no longer have to concern itself with Korea’s north-south distraction. The ensuing global nuclear war would almost surely render that domestic squabble a mute point.
So here we are, Mr. Obama cranking up his fifth year of jerking Republicans around over minuscule budget cuts with the help of a largely compliant press while North Korea aims its handful of jalopy-rocket nukes under threat to launch. At the same time, Iran is straining to deliver its first warhead after calling for the destruction of Israel.
Of course, we can always count on “experts” to dumb overly complex issues down for the common man, woman and, apparently, children.
"This is part of their brinksmanship," said Daniel Pinkston, a Seoul-based expert on North Korea with the International Crisis Group think tank. "It's an effort to signal their resolve, to show they are willing to take greater risks, with the expectation that everyone else caves in and gives them what they want."
Who would have known had Pinkston not taken the time to explain the psychological motives of Kim Jong-un’s threat to wipe out a few hundred thousand Americans with what amounts to a nuclear drive-by shooting?
Not to worry, though; North Korea has threatened to nullify the armistice several times before when the “outside” world refused to pay its nuclear blackmail demands.
It seems that the political strategy is to wait until the the world sees a wobbly North Korean rocket’s red glare and hope it's just another dry run to test its ballistic rockets.
Armed or not, the interesting thing is that experience tells us one can never guess where it may land.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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