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article imageVideo: First Dog Bo Obama keeps his motorcade through sequester

By JohnThomas Didymus     Mar 11, 2013 in Politics
Washington - According to a Fox News clip, while the Obama administration cites lack of funds due to sequester cuts to explain why it has canceled all White House public tours, the nation's First Dog Bo retains his motorcade, riding in style at taxpayer expense.
The White House's recent announcement that it has canceled all White House public tours from March 9 due to staffing cuts as the sequester takes effect caused an uproar. According to a White House Statement: "We very much regret having to take this action, particularly during the popular Spring touring season."
NBC News reported that a White House official said public tours were canceled because officers who secure the tours were reassigned to other security duties.
According to the White House statement, the move "is intended to cut overtime costs and ultimately reduce the number of furloughs the Secret Services could be facing."
The White House decision came under fierce criticism from Fox News, which alleged that while the Secret Service said it was reassigning officers to more important assignments, Secret Service-secured trips such as Obama's golf outings with Tiger Woods remained in place.
Obama's Florida golf outings has drawn the attention of Obama's opponents who say it illustrates his administration's selective approach to implementing sequester cuts.
According to Fox News, on March 5, Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert, filed an amendment to a House resolution that would prohibit the White House committing federal funds to Obama's golf trips while public tours of the White House were suspended.
Gohmert cited press reports that claimed that the recent golf outings cost $1 million.
Fox News' Charles Krauthammer, said: "The president's travel expenses alone, for the golfing outing with Tiger Woods, would pay for a year of White House visits. So I suggest that perhaps he curtail the travel."
In its criticism of the administration's cuts, Fox News referred to a recent New York visit by 14-year-old Malia Obama. She was reportedly seen in the Big Apple with Secret Service chaperons.
It was not clear whether Fox News was suggesting that Obama withdraw Secret Service protection from his family to cut costs.
Republicans in Congress have also attacked the administration. Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga), said: "Canceling all self-guided White House tours is the latest shameless political stunt by the president, who is twisting basic government efficiency into an extreme consequence."
The Daily Caller reports that House Speaker John Boehner criticized the Obama administration for "locking down the White House" from the American people. He reportedly described the White House action as "silly."
The Daily Caller reports Boehner told reporters: "We’d love to have the American people come and visit their Capitol. You know, even though our budget’s been cut, like everyone else’s, thanks to proper planning, we’re able to avoid furloughs amongst Capitol workers, and tours are going to remain available for all Americans."
He added: "I think it’s disappointing that the Obama administration didn't follow our lead and find savings in other parts of their budget. I think it’s silly that they've insisted on locking down the White House, which the American people actually own."
Meanwhile, fourteen sixth graders and their teacher at St. Paul's Lutheran School, Iowa, who had planned a trip to the White House on March 16, protested in a web video on Thursday holding up posters and chanting "The White House is our house."
USA Today reported that Fox News host Eric Bolling, offered to pay for the tours, estimated at $74,000 a week.
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