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article imageVideo: North Korean television takes a look at US poverty

By JohnThomas Didymus     Mar 10, 2013 in World
A North Korean television documentary gives a detailed report on poverty and homelessness in the US and Europe, apparently in an attempt to counter "Western imperialist propaganda" about widespread poverty and starvation due to famine in North Korea.
The report manages to suggest that vast numbers of Americans live on the streets in conditions of extreme poverty. According to the documentary entitled "How Americans Live Today," millions of Americans sleep in tents and homes that get blown down easily. The report claims that American children buy guns to kill each other, and drink hot coffee made of snow. It explains that the poor, cold, lonely and homosexual Americans live cramped in shelters.
The report sounds ludicrously exaggerated but on second thought one may wonder how far from the truth it is. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2012 that the Census Bureau's annual report on poverty in the US said there were 46.2 million people in the US living below the poverty line of $23,000 for a family of four.
This number is almost twice the population of North Korea estimated at about 24 million.
A comment on says:
While there are five million in North Korea that face food shortages, the same number in the US is 45 million.The rise in the number of homeless and hungry Americans have reached epidemic proportions.
The US continues to point its fingers on nations that do not live up the the standards of the American dream. Simultaneously, the US Government hides the ugly truth that food shortages and poverty is spreading like wild fire in America it self.
The US media correctly reports that five out of 24 million North Korean’s face food shortages. That is roughly 20 per cent of the population, and is surely a crime against humanity.
But what about the 14.7 percent of U.S. households who were “food insecure” in 2009?
The meaning of “food insecure” is that they had difficulty feeding one or more of their members at some point last year due to a lack of financial resources.
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