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article imageWatch out, the sky is falling, the sky is falling

By Micki Hogan     Mar 10, 2013 in Science
An asteroid barely missed Earth as it passed by Saturday afternoon. NASA admits they did not see this one headed straight towards Earth.
An asteroid called Asteroid 2013 ET, which was discovered a mere six days ago zoomed pass Earth about 3:30 EST on March 9. The late detection of the asteroid has astronomers working double time in order to prepare for another possible meteor strike. Reports of asteroids have citizens and scientists on edge.
The asteroid that slammed into Chelyabinsk, Russia, on February 15 was a serious wake up call to the danger of objects in space including countless asteroids that could collide with the place we call home. The asteroid that exploded then slammed into Russia injured 1500 people and caused massive destruction from the shock wave that was felt for miles. Later that day asteroid DA14 passed by 17,200 miles from Earth.
Asteroid 2013 ET which made a very close call to Earth on Saturday. It is estimated to be eight times larger than the one that struck February 15th. It had the capability to destroy a large city like New York or Paris.
"The scary part of this one is that it's something we didn't even know about,"
Patrick Paolucci, president of Slooh Space Camera, said during a live web cast according to Yahoo Reuters.
It was also announced that two more asteroids are giving Earth a close encounter. One of them named Asteroid EC 2013 already slipped by Earth at only 93,000 miles away. That may sound a little too close for comfort for some. Considering the public had no knowledge of the close encounter and that is generally the case. It is often not common knowledge of asteroid close calls, many like these are not discovered until they are close to Earth. These two asteroids were discovered only three days ago. One more asteroid named Asteroid 2013 EN 20 will fly about 279,000 miles from Earth on Sunday.
Each asteroid is now being carefully monitored. But it is clearly noted that no one knows exactly how many asteroids are in danger of hitting Earth. reports that these surprise attacks are something that we will "have" to live with for now.
The evidence remains however, the same as Chicken Little once said...
The Sky is falling! The sky is falling!
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