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article imagePresident Clinton, Edward Norton & Chelsea Clinton come together Special

By Anna Timone     Mar 9, 2013 in World
Brooklyn - The Clinton Foundation Millennium Network event was held on Monday, March 4th, 2013 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York.
The evening was moderated by actor Edward Norton who is a Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee. The dialogue with President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton foucesed on the life-changing work of the Clinton Foundation and the influence that the next generation of donors and activists can have on modern philanthropy. The goal of the interactive dialogue was to inspire and invite generations to get involved in the work of the Clinton Foundation focusing on improving global health, curing AIDS, strengthening global economies, fighting poverty, promoting healthier childhoods, protecting the environment, and several other important global issues that simply can no longer wait.
“The success of our work is measured by a single question: Are people better off now than when we started?” President Clinton’s words were supported by the audience. President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton spoke about engaging the world and raising awareness in variety of ways from offering unique volunteer opportunities, and donating funds to different causes to building an online community through social media to activating support through peer-to-peer fundraising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, CrowdRise and others.
Additionally, Chelsea Clinton, and Edward Norton gave a brief overview of the Millennium Network's events and work around the globe that are designed to educate and engage the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, actors and philanthropists to carry life-changing work and further raise awareness.
As the evening continued with discussion of paramount issues and staggering statistics, it was interrupted by one of the protesters from the human rights organization INTACTION wearing bloodstained white suits to protest the exploitative and racist health policies involving the circumcision of African men.
The concept of HIV prevention through circumcision began with biased medical researchers searching for a solution to the AIDS that could be marketed to government agencies and philanthropic organizations. The research teams that could develop a marketable solution, regardless of efficacy, would be richly rewarded with grants, research money, and tenure at their institution.
The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the Clinton Foundation, and the Gates Foundation supported and promoted the circumcision and its effectiveness to their foundation donors. However, these organizations were either misinformed, misguided or blinded by their quest to increase goodwill and donations.
Invitation for The Clinton Foundation Milleneaum Network March 4  2013
Invitation for The Clinton Foundation Milleneaum Network March 4, 2013
Clinton Foundation
In fact,Intaction found that recent studies show that male circumcision is a dangerous mistake in the fight against HIV, and it endangers both men and women. Specifically, circumcision does not significantly reduce rate of HIV infection at all and the experiments conducted on African black men were inflicting the racist theories and pseudo-scientific experiments. Often, African men and women are being tricked into the belief that circumcision offers effective protection from HIV. In turn, these organizations can advertise their achievements to keep their revenue streams flowing, while poor Africans suffer from the continued spread of HIV and the trauma from the loss of their foreskins.
The Millennium Network evening ended with the musical performance by multi-talented and adorable 8 year old DJ Fulano.To learn how you can make a difference in the issues that affect all of us today visit or
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