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article imageOp-Ed: Justin Trudeau and the end of the Liberal Party of Canada

By G. Robert M. Miller     Mar 5, 2013 in Politics
With more new supporters joining the Liberal Party of Canada due to Justin Trudeau’s campaign than were expected to participate in whole, many consider his eventual nomination as leader of the Liberal Party a certainty. If true, this is not good news.
“Unprecedented for another candidate to catch up”, the headline reads on the National Post.
The Liberal Party of Canada is lost. At best, it’s having an identity crisis. As with the Republican Party in the US, it appears that the Liberal Party has been high-jacked; in this case, by two particular segments of the population. Those segments are the same that the NDP covet: youth and Quebecois.
Let me point out the two things quickly. First, while the New Democratic Party (NDP) has historically needed to grasp for fringe voters (and still does), the Liberal Party has historically been broadly appealing (and no longer is); worse, it appears the party is evolving to seek fringe support (from the two groups above) instead of seeking to build broad national consensus.
Second, and as a result of this, both the most dynamic and most promising candidates have had their voices stymied by the star of the fringe-vote-voice, while at the same time those among us who are not in university and are not French-Canadian are left to vote for the NDP (who appeal to the exact same fringe voters), the Green Party (which has no voice at all), or the Conservative Party (which is the only one that appears to try and have broad appeal, however, of course – at least under the tenure of Mr. Harper - is undoubtedly a visceral evil that imperils the well-being of every citizen whom loves forward progress. I fear I put it too lightly.)
What am I getting at here?
With candidates (or at least, a candidate) like Marc Garneau, it is stunning and debasing that the Liberal Party of Canada chooses to rally around a man who was manufactured in the shadow (wake?) of his father’s legacy, who so obviously smacks of a desire for international
Former Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau
Former Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau
Marc Garneau
celebrity before a progressive, functional parliament. To put it in a nutshell, the Liberal Party of Canada has the chance to choose between a Merkel or a Berlusconi. And it appears they’re going to vote for bunga-bunga… If true, this is not good news.
I feel that Canada needs a broadly appealing, progressive party to counter what has become the Harper kingship. And it is damn-near a kingship. Do you, average Canadian, realize our government is enacting ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)? This will force ISP (Internet Service Providers) to spy on you, average Canadian, and should serve to dramatically increase the cost of generic drugs extremely quickly, dear Canadian.
It is with these concerns that I hang my head at this most recent news. Yes, it appears that the Liberal Party of Canada has turned into a fringe group seeking to gain the support of radical youth and disenfranchised Quebecois. With this change, they appear on a course to elect and empower a fame-defined, egomaniacal, inexperienced, young and irrational, pseudo-political-celebrity. Yes, Trudeau instead of the remarkable Garneau; a time-tested and proven, focused and intelligent progressive leader who has been to the land of actual stars. Berlusconi instead of Merkel. For the third time; if true, this is not good news.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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