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article imageOp-Ed: Britain's 'nasty party', the Tories, pushes for secret courts

By Eileen Kersey     Mar 5, 2013 in Politics
London - The British coalition government is often referred to as the "condems", for obvious reasons. The UK Conservatives or Tories are often called the "nasty party" and below are yet more reasons why.
The Tories are in a Coalition with the Liberal Democrats. They may have held the bigger share of "Seats" but without each other neither could remain in government. They could, of course, if another political bedfellow was willing to form a coalition.
The Tories have had to stay their hand a little this time in office as they did not win a majority vote in 2010, but even so we have had the creation of a "bedroom tax", disabled people being declared fit for work by French owned ATOS, and other terrible policies thrown at us. The Lib Dems may have had a slightly chastening effect on the Tories but they have damaged their reputation by agreeing with them too many times. You know what they say about when the proverbial hits the fan?
The latest shocker concerns secret intelligence.
A report in the Guardian begins,
The Sunday papers revealed the Conservative response to humiliation in Eastleigh (they came a poor third): the nasty party is back. Chris Grayling and Theresa May traded rival schemes to rip up Churchill's civilising legacy, the European convention. The justice secretary wants to knock entitlements to life, liberty and dignity out of English law by repealing the Human Rights Act; the home secretary would rather wind the clock back further and pull out of the European arrangements that have safeguarded the same basic rights since the Churchill era.
The European Human Rights Act is jumped upon by the Tories, and each incidence publicised in detail, each time it fails. For some time the Tories have wanted the UK to abandon the EHRA, but for all the wrong reasons. It is about controlling the people and limiting our freedom and freedom of information. The Lib Dems want the act to stay but it seems they have not been tough enough with the "nasty party".
The Tories are facing an election in 2015. This would have been in 2014 had the coalition not managed to change the timescale of a term in office. More jiggery pokery. As the Guardian report points out the Liberal Democrats should be standing up for our rights. If they do not they will not have a hope in hell of an election win in 2015. They should not be fooled by their win in the Eastleigh by-election last week.
If the Tories win an outright majority in 2015 austerity measures will toughen up, bonuses for the Elite will escalate and freedom will be a thing of the past. Scaremongering? No, as I write Chancellor Osborne is in Brussels attempting to stave off a cap on banker's bonus payments in the UK. Heaven forbid that they may feel the financial pinch. His arguments that a cap will stifle growth and result in talent leaving the UK is ridiculous. If they are so talented and worthy of these bonus payments why is the UK banking service in such a mess? Stifle growth-what growth?
The coalition has been pushing through the Justice and Security Bill which could mean we are snooped on, online, and so much more. Monday in another Guardian report,
The government pushed through its plans for secret court hearings on Monday night, defeating amendments tabled by the Labour frontbench with significant majorities.
In the first division on a proposal aimed at introducing further conditions before closed material procedures (CMPs) could be used in civil courts, Labour and coalition rebels lost by 225 to 298 votes – a government majority of 73.
A second Labour proposal, requiring judges to balance the interests of national security against "public interest in the fair and open administration of justice", was lost by 226 to 297 – a government majority of 71.
The Tories attempt to justify secret courts by saying they are needed to protect intelligence and sensitive information. Bunkum, say I.
Although the government has had to make some concessions to win over party rebels, and get the bill through parliament, civil liberty groups in the UK are appalled. A representative of one human rights organisation said it had been a "dark night for justice" in the UK. The only hope now is that the House of Lords will throw the bill back into the Commons.
The Tories use excuses such as the cost of appeals and more to justify the creation of secret courts but as usual they select what they want people to know. The British public should understand that such courts could be the first step to more restrictions. They attack your freedoms and basic rights.
In a busy few days for the nasty party, Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary, is attempting to cut legal aid yet again. In other words what justice will remain in the UK will not be for the poor and vulnerable in the country.
In between attacking British people, their incomes and their freedoms the Tories are electioneering by concentrating their media machine on a possible referendum on Europe and attacking a predicted influx of Romanian migrants next year.
Wake up Britain and open your eyes. Whilst you concentrate on the headlines the nasty party is working its old black magic.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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