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article imageOp-Ed: Romney in first interview since election - I care about America

By Karl Gotthardt     Mar 3, 2013 in Politics
New York - In his first interview since the November 2012 election, Mitt Romney appears on Chris Wallace's FOX News Sunday, discussing his experience in his quest for the White House. He said that he would not disappear because he cared about America.
Romney discussed a range of topics relating to his elections campaign, including a scrappy primary, his statement about the 47 per cent and distortions regarding his character. Romney appeared on the interview with his wife Ann.
The Republican primary was probably one of the factors that contributed to Romney's election loss. The Obama campaign used that period to define Mitt Romney and by the time the general election campaign rolled around that definition had been ingrained in the minds of the American people.
Romney discussed his comment in which he said he couldn't reach 47 percent, in some detail calling it a mistake and unfortunate. The Obama campaign, democratic pundits and the main stream media exploited the comments late in the campaign. They were probably a major factor in turning the public against Romney.
It was a very unfortunate statement,” Romney told Fox. “It's not what I meant. I didn't express myself as I wished I would have. You know, when you speak in private, uh, you don't spend as much time thinking about how something could be twisted and distorted. And it could come out wrong. … There's no question that hurt and did real damage to my campaign.
Romney said that he has taken a run at the Oval Office twice and will not run for election again, musing that it is a good thing that he and his wife Ann like each other. He said that he will continue to be involved in politics because he cares about America. Asked if he would provide advice to the Republican party, he said that he had lost the election and that he would not tell the Republican Party to listen to him.
I lost and so I'm not going to be telling the Republican Party, ‘Come listen to me, the guy who lost. I'm not going to disappear. … I care about America. I care about the people that can't find jobs. I care about the fact that we're racking up larger deficits and putting the peril of the future generation very much in play.”
Romney also took a shot at President Obama saying that it kills him that he sees what's not doing what needs to be done. He accused the president of failing to lead and putting politics ahead of the nation, adding that the president is crisscrossing the country campaigning instead of leading.
It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done. "I don't see that kind of leadership happening right now. The hardest thing about losing is watching this critical moment, this golden moment slip away with politics.
Romney was referring to the $85 billion sequester order Obama signed.
He said that his campaign's message was not effective, especially in regards to minorities. He called that a real mistake.
We weren't effective in my message primarily to minority voters, to Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, other minorities. That was a real mistake.
Romney said that he and his wife Ann did not expect to lose last November and that it wasn't until the Florida results rolled in that he realized he had lost. Although his campaign advisers juggled the numbers with "what ifs" the loss was clear when the results from Ohio were aired.
He said it wasn't the result they had hoped for, but that the ride was a great, thrilling experience of a lifetime.
It didn't end the way we wanted it to, but the experience itself was magnificent.
Romney said that he and his wife are not looking back and are moving on.
The 2012 general election campaign was without a doubt divisive and defined Romney as an uncaring rich guy. The politics of the 1 per cent and envy of those that have been successful was in full swing. Romney appeared relaxed and sincere in the interview and one can only wonder what a President Romney may have done different.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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