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article imageOp-Ed: Persnickety fault-finders dump on Michelle Obama at Oscars

By Marcus Hondro     Mar 3, 2013 in Entertainment
It seems the rabid, uber-politicized persnickety fault-finders were out to criticize Michelle Obama's appearance at the Oscars. While like a hurricane, we can do without them, happily, like a stomach flu, they soon pass.
Bill O'Reilly of Fox News lead the fault-finders, ranting of the appearance being "propaganda" and "Hollywood left boosterism." He likely chose his words carefully when he spewed that "Laura Bush would never at any time have introduced any award" at the Oscars.
A judicious selection of words on O'Reilly's part would come because Bush in fact appeared on the Oscar's during her husband's years in office, in 2002. True, she didn't present but rather spoke about her love of films. If anything, Bush's reason for appearing offered her more chance for limelight than did Obama's, though I don't see a big difference: an appearance is an appearance is an appearance.
The conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin was also miffed, she said Obama is becoming over-saturated, citing her recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show. However, as the Huffington Post noted, that was to celebrate the three year anniversary of her child obesity-battling program, 'Let's Move!' and part of a national tour. Rubin's rant seems nitpicking of the highest order.
The Classy Michelle Obama
The appearance was classy, like America's First-Lady. She is also articulate and on Friday when asked about the criticism while on the Today show, again on the 'Let's Move' tour, she responded with great insight. “That’s just the nature of life. I mean, we live in a time when there are bloggers and tweeters and 24-hour news and everyone has a voice in this town square, and it’s a big one," she said. "And it’s good - overall, it’s good."
She added that such scrutiny "means at any point at a given time, somebody’s not going to like what you do. That’s just the nature of things. It’s part of our culture." So without being critical herself, she managed to address the issue and share some interesting thoughts on how things are going in our world.
The O'Reilly/Rubin Politics of Sour Grapes
For this observer, another way of describing what O'Reilly and Rubin, and there were others, did was to be petty and small and, in the final analysis, to engage in the art of sour grapes. So here's a memo to them, and to the other small people who thrive on criticizing the actions of the Obamas and of anyone who does not endorse their political views:
Michelle Obama is America's First-Lady. She does great service to her country and deserves to partake in the multitude of wonderful aspects of American life. After all, her husband, and his party, won, they beat the tar out of Mitt Romney and that makes Michelle more sought after than Ann. So the First-Lady, along with her awesome personality and her intelligence, will be sticking around for a while now and she'll doubtless make appearances at all manner of events.
So get over it already.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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