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article image'The Real Alex Jones' Revealed

By Alex Allen     Mar 3, 2013 in Politics
If you think screaming and ranting about the New World Order agenda, the push for globalism and gun control, and the UN is as deep as Alex Jones goes, you're sadly mistaken.
In an interview on the Howard Stern Show, radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones revealed many things about himself that were previously unknown to the general public. In the earlier part of the interview, Jones was discussing his appearance on Piers Morgan's CNN program and the aftermath. Jones talked about his success with the interview despite having the flu that evening as well as his fears regarding the police in New York that night. He also mentioned several times the fact that the CNN studios were very poorly maintained and were more or less rotting to the core, even suggesting that CNN itself is slowly dying, and mentioned his recent confrontation with Piers Morgan at a Texas gun store.
Later in the interview, Jones began discussing various other "conspiracies," including those surrounding 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, and various chemicals, eventually leading into a short discussion about Charlie Sheen and his personal friendship with the actor. Discussing Charlie Sheen' s drug addictions, however, led Jones into a new and extremely interesting part of the interview involving his own personal life.
Following comments on Charlie Sheen's drug usage, Howard Stern asked Jones about his own experiences with drugs. Jones admitted that he had experimented with several drugs including marijuana and a few "hard drugs." He said he "smoked pot, but didn't inhale." When asked about LSD, Jones chuckled and said he wasn't going to discuss that, which led him into a humorous impression of former President Bill Clinton.
Drug usage was not the only thing Jones discussed about his personal life. He briefly discussed his children and he and his wife's decision to home school them, made a comment about "black women being sexy" and refused to comment on having ever slept with a black woman. He talked about being married to a Jewish woman and the various conspiracy theories surrounding Jews.
Stern eventually started a conversation about sex with Jones. Jones commented that he doesn't think "sex is a bad thing" and said he was "a stud in High School." He laughed at Stern's question about ever having had a threesome and went on to say that he lost his virginity at age twelve to a fifteen year old.
One of the final topics of discussion was Jones' religion and spirituality. On church, Jones says he doesn't go because it's "establishment B.S." He went on to say that he has a relationship with God and can "feel the spiritual energy."
Stern's radio program is exclusively on Sirius XM and Satellite Radio and Jones has a nationally syndicated radio show on hundreds of AM/FM and satellite stations across the United States and is the director of and
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