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article imageReview: Mother and Daughter team up to promote their works on self-esteem Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Mar 2, 2013 in Lifestyle
Sonoma - A small but devoted gathering of over a dozen people showed up for a mother and daughter book signing and talk on Feb. 28. Those gathered that Thursday evening at Reader's Books in Sonoma were family,
friends and associates of Michelle Minero and her daughter Renee Ho. Reader's Books owner Andy Weinberger was pleased to have the two women share their stories and present their work at his book shop because it helps build community. Community members, associates and customers from Sonoma Market where husband Al Minero is the general manager, were also present.
Both women thanked everyone for attending and mentioned that it is not easy getting people out the house on a weekday night. Yet they also said they are very passionate about the message behind each of their individual books that they are eager to make the extra effort to reach people.
Minero is a Marriage and Family Therapist who has been licensed since 1994. She works with clients to help them recover from eating disorders, body image disturbance, mood disorders and trauma.
In her book, "Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works," Minero shares some of her own personal experiences with self-image growing up. As she read a chapter from her book, Minero told the audience that accepting who you are and finding what is good about yourself is an important step. The book has received accolades from medical doctors well established in the field of eating disorders, like Ovidio Bermudez, MD Medical Director, of the Eating Recovery Center, and Adolescent Services in Denver, Colorado
Michelle Minero  MFT and daughter Renee Ho  have teamed up to promote their books   The Self-Love Di...
Michelle Minero, MFT and daughter Renee Ho, have teamed up to promote their books, "The Self-Love Diet" and "The Friendship Effect."
While daughter Renee's book entitled "The Friendship Effect" puts the importance of friendship in the spotlight, both women noticed that each of the individual books focus on one common goal, self-awareness. And in that awareness contains a genuine sense of self and proper empowerment of that true self.
Minero and daughter Renee admitted that their combined effort at promoting their individual books together was an after thought. "Mom started her book in 2004 and I did my writing for my book in 2007," said Renee. "We were both in different places," (at the time) added Renee who was living outside the state. "We did not talk to each other about it," she said.
It was not until later after the books were published that they realized an opportunity at joint-promotion of their individual works. Renee said as she read more of Minero's book, "I can hear my mom saying, what she says in the book; my mom was and is always calming." It is that calming presence that helps guide readers through the exercises and steps Minero provides to reach self-acceptance and love.
In her clinical work, Minero has managed issues very destructive to the inner-self of her clients. She developed the Self-Love Diet in order to help people attain inner-peace, understanding, self-love and freedom from insecurity, fear and self hatred. Minero believes everyone can benefit from increased self-love and acceptance.
Friendship as daughter Renee sees it is also very valuable in the administering to the self. "Friendship is important, it is lifesaving," said Renee. Eager to spread the word about how important friendship is, Renee wishes she could spread her message within as widely as "American Idol, reality TV-show" spreads new music talent to the world; only better, because she is really live and in-person.
She went on to say, "friendships improve health, and overcome all sorts of illnesses and helps people with depression." Renee pointed out through her research for the book that over one million preschoolers suffer from some form of depression. While this reporter was not able to find a particular definitive study that daughter Renee was referring to, there are dozens of reports citing the rise in depression among children. Some of these reports have been published as recently as 2010. One such report was by Dr. Joan L. Luby, whose research was published in Current Trends in Psychological Science. Dr. Luby's report noted that children as young as age three may show signs of depression.
Renee also said that since 1985 studies have shown that friendship as a social skill and value has been declining. This reporter found reference via the web that there indeed has been formal research on this. Decline in friendship report is provided by a McPherson, Smith-Lovin and Brashears study from seven years ago in 2006. This report documents a 20-year decline of the number of close friendships. Some studies were conducted in the U.S. and in Europe trying to find the causes and its impact upon the mental and physical health of the population.
Renee pointed out from her research and observations more people have no constant confidant to whom they can talk to when needed. She said that she believes that this decline in friendships is due in part to our fast-pace, busy high-tech lives.
In her book, "The Friendship Effect" she outlines techniques to help a person with building and sustaining friendships. Renee even had the audience do a little memory exercise. She asked the audience to remember a simple sequence of numbers. The first person to remember them all correctly would be given a thousand dollars.
Of course almost everyone attending got all the numbers correct. Renee pointed out that if people are motivated enough they could listen and remember. And, she said, listening and remembering are two vital skills to have in friendship. "People value being heard," she said. And, if a person knows they are heard and understood by you, then you are most likely someone they would want to consider as a friend. "Be yourself, focus on solutions rather than problems and refraining from judgment are some criteria for being a friend to others," she said. Some in the audience questioned if social media might be part of the blame for the lack of social skills for friendship. Renee understood that some people see that as a concern, but that social media can also help people who are shy or introverted.
Minero responded that society contains out-going people who are extroverted as well as reserved people who are introverted. She suggested that social media can be an avenue to help the more introverted people to communicate with more ease.
The correlation between the two books, self-love and being a friend to yourself in order to be a good friend to others compliment one another. This is one reason why mother and daughter wanted to promote their works together.
Proceeds from the sale of the books that evening at Reader's Books were donated to the local Boys and Girls Club.
For more information about "Self Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works" visit the web site. And, to learn more about "The Friendship Effect, visit that web site.
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