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article imageVideo: 'Dragon Ball Z — Battle of Gods' co-promotes KFC Japan

By Can Tran     Mar 1, 2013 in Entertainment
In preparation for the release of "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods," due for release in Japan, the movie is cross-promoting with Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan with its latest commercial.
With regards to Japanese anime, before they get licensed for broadcast and release to other countries, the companies usually have sponsors in place of commercial breaks. Some examples would be companies getting sponsorships from fast food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King, and so forth. In the case of anime movies, it's not uncommon for major chain restaurants to cross-promote with the movies.
In the case of the Japanese branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), it's cross-promoting with the “Dragon Ball Z” movie called “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” which is due out in theaters across Japan on March 30. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, it takes place after the Majin Buu arc in the manga adaptation. In this cross-promotional commercial, it has the regular cast of DBZ scrambling to get their KFC. It finishes off with Goku, the titular protagonist of DBZ, taking a huge bite out of a drumstick.
At seven of the KFC locations in Japan, you get to see Colonel Sanders all decked out in DBZ clothing. Instead of a bucket of KFC, Colonel Sanders is holding a Dragon Ball. The seven Colonel Sanders signifies the seven Dragon Balls which are needed to summon the dragon and grant the wish.
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