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article imageOp-Ed: The Quixotic John Boehner

By Edward Rochelle     Mar 1, 2013 in Politics
In an era of austerity and budget cuts the dreams of every politician are reduced to the reality of governing for the survivability of their constituency and not for their own self interests.
However American politics and politicians are a different breed. The generation of plenty has been at the reigns of the American government for well over two decades now and it comes as no surprise that the budget crisis has become a perpetual talking point between the parties. The lack of discipline in American politics has now bled into policy and inevitably the fabric of American culture.
The question of the budget crisis is a long one and the sub-topics associated with it make it a seemingly impossible task to debate, much less come to a conclusion as to what to do. The atmosphere created by an immature leadership is and has been slowly eroding American legitimacy and more worrying it's supremacy.
This New York Times article spells the battle between President Obama and John Boehner the best. It depicts two men exhibiting the toxicity of Capitol Hill politics by playing the blame game at the citizenry's expense. At the same time both men live in separate realities and neither can win in the bi-partisan trench war unless this unnecessary stubbornness cedes to a real no-nonsense agenda of setting the budget right.
For this to happen, however, there has to be a major paradigm shift either at the congressional level or at the executive level. The president, for instance, reserves Executive Orders for situations just like these, where stalemate threatens the operational fluidity of the country's economy and defense mechanisms. Every president who sets foot into the office has a basic understanding of just how powerful an executive order is and Obama is no exception. President Obama has so far issued around 150 Executive Orders during his tenure. With a great number of those regarding the economy, Speaker Boehner should be taking note.
It seems, however, that the Congress is either oblivious to Obama's actions or they are showing a general sign of defeat, which is apathy towards the condition of the economy. The president is not afraid to act alone and he has exhibited this through words, actions and now policy. The leadership of John Boehner is now being exposed as the failure that it is at one of the most critical junctures of our national history.
The question in this hysteria that still remains is: "Will the mortally wounded Boehner strike Obama where it hurts?" Only time will tell, and for Representative Boehner that time is growing thin. With a rebelling constituency, a divided party and an aggressive opponent defeat only seems natural.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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