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Op-Ed: China claims it is the victim of US hacking

By Isabel Ivanescu     Feb 28, 2013 in World
Beijing - China's defense ministry, at one of its monthly news conferences, has claimed it has been attacked by US hackers an average of about 96,000 times a month last year. This statement came in response to American allegations of Chinese cyberattacks last week.
For the past few years China and the US have been in a veritable "cyberwar", consisting mainly of back and forth attacks with the sole goal of gaining the information necessary to have the capability to destroy certain vital services in the other nation, as was demonstrated in Chinese hacking of American companies who provide infrastructure, with no actual intention of using the information.
It seems the most logical analogy for this is the Cold War where both the United States and the Soviet Union stockpiled nuclear weapons but neither has serious intention of using them for fear of retaliation, and since both nations were at relatively the same point in weapons development the standoff continued for many years and was harmful to both nations in general.
China now claims that the computers of it's Defense Ministry were hacked, in an unacknowledged American attack, just as the Pentagon's database was hacked by China in a similarly unacknowledged attack, a few years ago.
This endless cycle of futile cyberattacks has been greatly hurting the already fragile relations between the United States and China; something which is greatly harmful seeing as the parties involved are the two greatest economic and geo-political powers. Also the money being spend on the chain of attacks, and retaliation to previous attacks, could very easily be spent more effectively on cyberdefense, national security, or social programs. And the only way to escape this vicious cycle is for either nation to call it quits and work to defend against cyber attacks instead of launch them. So why not start at home instead of waiting for China to do so?
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