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article imageLost wallet with $800 cash returned to man three years later

By Leigh Goessl     Feb 27, 2013 in Odd News
Milford - A Delaware man lost his wallet about three years ago and had long given up hope up on finding the wallet. Recently, the wallet was returned to him, fully intact with the $800 cash that had been in it at the time it went missing.
Three years ago Harold Walls lost his wallet while on the job working in Milford, Del. At the time of the loss, he had $800 in the wallet. Despite retracing his steps with his partner, the wallet was never found, reported Yahoo! News.
He had moved on and accepted the loss figuring the wallet was gone for good. Walls had planned to buy a TV after work that day three years ago, he said, which was why he was carrying the cash.
"I wrote it off, honestly," Walls told The News Journal (via "Ain't no sense in harping about it or crying over spilled milk. Keep moving."
One day earlier this month Walls came into work and his supervisor told him he had something for him.
Harold Walls explains to the media how the farmer found his lost wallet underneath the truck s bench...
Harold Walls explains to the media how the farmer found his lost wallet underneath the truck's bench.
The News Journal
"And he showed me my wallet,” Walls said.
The leather wallet and all of its contents, including the $800 cash, was intact.
Where did the wallet come from? Interestingly, it was mailed back from a farmer in Maine. Last year the city Walls works for sold the truck to the farmer at an auction. Recently, the farmer found the wallet underneath the bench seat after he had removed the frame.
“This farmer out in Maine mailed it back,” Walls told The News Journal. Walls reportedly does not know the farmer's name as it was mailed back anonymously. “I was real surprised it came back with everything. ... It happens to restore a lot of faith that there are still some good people out there.”
Have you ever lost anything and had it unexpectedly returned to you?
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