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article imagePat Robertson: Second-hand sweaters could have demons attached

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 27, 2013 in World
On Monday's episode of the 700 Club, controversial TV Evangelist Pat Robertson shed light from a new angle on the risk involved in buying and using second-hand clothes from Goodwill and other second-hand shops.
According to Pat Robertson, second-hand clothing items, especially woolly second-hand sweaters could have have demons clinging to them and you could bring them home with your purchase at no extra charge.
Unfortunately, this novel category of risk that second-hand clothes buyers are exposed to cannot be dealt with at the laundry. The best measure to guard yourself against demon-infested Goodwill sweaters is a spirit-filled prayer to rebuke, bind and cast out the demons, familiar spirits and principalities.
Robertson, responding to a question sent in to 700 Club by a viewer, pointed out that while not all second-hand clothing come with resident demons and poltergeists, he recommends prayer as a first-aid precaution.
According to Right Wing Watch, the viewer's email said:
I buy a lot of clothes and other items at Goodwill and other secondhand shops. Recently my mom told me that I need to pray over the items, bind familiar spirits and bless the items before I bring them into the house. Is my mother correct? Can demons attach themselves to material items?
Right Wing Watch reports Robertson's answer was: "... yes, but I don't think every sweater you get from Goodwill has demons in it... hey—it isn't gonna hurt you any to rebuke any spirits that might attach themselves to those clothes."
Robertson illustrated the the theory of that demons do cling to second-hand clothing and physical objects with a story about a girl who came under the malevolent influence of a ring that a witch had infected with something evil.
Meanwhile, according to The Huffington Post, Goodwill's website encourages those who wish to make a donation to launder or dry clean clothes before bringing them in.
The store has no advise what to do about demons.
Digital Journal reported recently that Robertson said Islam is not a religion but a demonic political and economic system with only a religious veneer.
Digital Journal also reported that Robertson caused a stir in religious fundamentalist circles when he asserted that science proves that the Earth is billions of years old. He admonished Christians to acknowledge the fact and not "cover it up."
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