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article imageIgnoring history of dogs and letter carriers, mailman rescues dog

By Marcus Hondro     Feb 27, 2013 in Odd News
Kory Cantrell is a mailman in Hendersonville in Tennessee, and like those who deliver mail door-to-door all over North America he watches out for dog attacks. This week though, Kory went in the opposite direction - he watched out for a dog by saving one.
Cantrell, the Hendersonville Star News reports, was on his mail route earlier this week when he heard the plaintive yelping of a dog. He's been barked at and by dogs while working, though never bitten, but even if he had been he would have responded. In fact, Cantrell didn't hesitate and ran down a lane to see what it was all about.
Dog impaled on fence
What he came upon was a 110 pound yellow Labrador, Wyatt, impaled on the tip of a aluminum fence, nose down, butt-end stuck up in the air. Wyatt was in great pain and it was getting worse; his owner Sibyl Reagan and her neighbor, Scottie Hughes, were with him but the two could not budge him and were yelling for help.
“He tried to jump over the fence, but he didn’t make it,” Reagan told Sherry Mitchell of the Star News. “He got caught on the fence through his back leg at the hip. We started yelling for help and here comes the mailman running down the driveway to get the dog off the fence. Scottie and I would have never been able to lift him off by ourselves."
It cost Reagan some $2,000 in vet bills to have Wyatt taken care of, but the alternative would have been unthinkable to her. “Had things not ended up the way they did, I would have lost (Wyatt),” she said.
Mail Carriers targets of dogs
Given that in each of 2010 and 2011 the U.S. Postal Service reports there were about 5,600 dog attacks on mail carriers in the United States, dogs can't be too disappointed if they're literally hung out to cry by someone like Cantrell, but he said he had no thought but to help out.
It's not likely he'll be needed again, however, as Reagan notes that since Wyatt got home from the vet clinic he won't go anywhere near the fence.
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